Protect Your Remote Workers Identity Theft Help is Essential

stockfresh_3429711-250x300Remote working is a significant byproduct of the pandemic. It has changed workplace culture, and there is slight chance that we will ever go back to the cubicle-infested days of the past. It is no secret that many employees like working from home. They are not the only ones who enjoy remote work. Computer hackers love it.

An Easy Scam

Organizations spend a lot of money to build security walls around their financial information and personal data. At the same time, management may give that protection to a remote worker, but it is for the proprietary information of the employer. As a result, an individual’s data can be made vulnerable to cyber-attacks because that employee works from home.

It is a relatively easy deception. A hacker goes on a phishing expedition. A remote employee receives an email that looks like it came from headquarters. Without thinking, the person opens the email and inadvertently opens a can of worms. What was an innocent-looking bit of correspondence is an attack on personal information. Anyone who does not have a solid anti-hacking software product is in trouble.

The worst part about these invasions is an individual rarely knows it has happened until the end of the month bill comes from the credit card company, or the bank sends a notification of an account being closed. The victim can spend weeks and perhaps months trying to restore credit integrity and repair the damage. Group legal plans are offered to help people deal with everyday legal problems. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services is a group legal plan vendor, but we provide other products. One of our best is identity theft and credit monitoring plan.

Very Capable Assistance

Countrywide can help the hacking victim recover from the privacy invasion. We have several options in our identity theft and credit monitoring plan benefit.

  • Diamond ID Plan
  • Platinum Plus Identity Theft Protector Plan
  • Premier Plus Identity Theft Protector Plan
  • Silver Plus Identity Theft Protector Plan

The level of service provided depends on which option is selected. Each one has ID theft insurance to cover legal expenses, the dark web and Internet monitoring, and ID theft fraud restoration services. Credit monitoring and alerts on a 24/7 basis are part of the benefits. In addition, countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services provides ID theft and credit monitoring services that will meet the needs of remote workers.

We place considerable importance on empathy. Hacking victims feel violated and afraid. We treat group legal plan members with a great deal of sympathy, and we do the same for those who receive our identity theft and credit monitoring help. Everyone is treated with respect and understanding. Emotional intelligence, which is part of our pre-paid legal services, is also present in this benefit. Anyone who is a victim of Internet piracy will feel comfortable working with us.

The Client Is with Us

We let group legal plan clients choose what services will be in their Countrywide benefit. We do the same with this benefit. A prospective client organization may select which plan options will be for their employees. We will provide the administration and superior member services to all plan members. We will also keep close contact with clients to ensure that everything is in order and that their employees are getting prompt and respectful service.

We would be remiss if we did not mention that a remote worker can inadvertently be a backdoor to a client organization. Any help in a person’s financial integrity will also add a layer of protection to the client. Everyone is going to benefit from the protection Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services offers.

If you are interested in what we have, including our group legal plan benefit, please feel free to contact us at your convenience. We would welcome any opportunity to help your remote workers feel safe and secure from cyber thieves.