Pulling Millennials Out of a Debt Pit

It can be Done with Proper Advice

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One of the more exciting moments in a person’s career is receiving that first full-time check. Many young people who are recent college graduates have existed on allowances and stipends. Receiving wages for two weeks of work on a full-time job represents a fair amount of money. No one can blame that recent hire for spending a little extra and perhaps using a credit card. There is some danger in that first check, and a financial wellness plan can stop a new employee from going over the edge.

Excitement Can Lead to Anxiety

All the advice parents give about fiscal austerity can go out the window. A millennial will notice the amount of the paycheck and decide that credit card payments can be handled. That is true up to a point. A person can very quickly become a compulsive buyer, using credit cards even for the grocery shopping. However, the grace period on many college loans is six months. It is easy to get into a spending habit and then gets hit with the first loan payment requirement. It can cause a person to panic. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services appreciates the dilemma a responsible individual can suddenly fall into. We have a financial wellness program that can provide badly needed counsel.

Good Advice Helps

Millennials are hard-working, conscientious employees. They are not immature brats, but they do need some tips on how to handle their finances. Countrywide has a nationwide network of certified counselors to educate a young person about how to manage daily budgets. What we do is more than an FAQ page on a website. We believe that financial wellness benefits have to be comprehensive and offer a number of options. All of our counseling sessions will include a budget analysis. Our counselors will provide recommendations but not sermons. Everyone is shown great respect.

Credit card debt and student loans can be a one-two punch to the finances. One or the other, and even both combined can plague a millennial. Countrywide provides counseling on how to handle student loans as well as domestic debt such as credit cards. Some situations can be a little bit extreme. A young person may find that bankruptcy is not far off. Although it does cost a little extra, Countrywide can help develop a Debt Management Plan for the financial wellness plan member. The Debt Management Plan is useful in dealing with creditors. A Countrywide plan member can expect to have ongoing counseling and superior customer assistance. The primary mission of is to help restore financial integrity and security. Anyone who uses our services will quickly discover information not previously known. It takes a lot of anxiety out of the situation.

Allowing an Employer to Provide Great Benefits

Organizations hire millennials because these young people have enthusiasm and unique skills. Those employers who care about their workforce wants to provide the kind of benefits which will make a difference. The financial obligations are entirely new experiences for millennials. They can use the help. Countrywide allows organizations to tailor the financial wellness benefit to the needs of the workforce. We provide a variety of options, and decision-makers may choose which ones they would like in the plan. We provide service and customer assistance that are both of superior quality.

Our commitment to doing the very best helps lift a millennial out of what could be a severe situation. They become more productive employees because the weight is lifted from their shoulders. They also show greater loyalty to an employer, because they know the organization cares about them.

We can speak in greater detail about all of our options if an organization would like to hear them. We encourage decision-makers and human resources directors to get in touch with us about our financial wellness plan. They will quickly discover that there are benefits which help millennials, and other options help additional groups in the company. We encourage you to contact us.

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