Putting the Estate in Order

Avoiding intestate drama

The death of a loved one is a time of great sorrow for family. The grief the loss of someone close can be a time of great pain for everyone. Hopefully, if the deceased had a group legal plan he or she took advantage of having a will properly written to protect the estate. If that didn’t happen, then the time of grief can become a very hellish nightmare.

The Challenge of Intestate

The term “intestate” means that the person passed away without leaving a will. That can pretty much condemn the survivors to the murky world of probate court. An administrator will have to be appointed by the court and that person will have to report all the estate activity. This also means that court permission will need to be sought for various routine matters. It can create delays that generate a whole list of problems for survivors. The delays are not necessarily long term, but months could go by without the estate being formally settled. Bills go unpaid, tuition for school must be sought elsewhere, and important purchases will have to wait. All of this because there was no will. Group legal services ordinarily cover the drafting of a will, and Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services offers the option of preparing a will as a legal plan benefit.

Focusing on Full Service

Countrywide attorneys will help prepare a simple will as part of the group legal services provided. Understanding that preparing a document such as this is not easy for the plan member, Countrywide attorneys will allow for as many calls as necessary to answer questions on the draft. Face-to-face consultations are also allowed. The lawyer will prepare any necessary letters to assist a plan member in determining how the estate is to be divided. A group legal plan member can expect help with the filing of the will, and the service doesn’t stop there.

Life events happen that change prior plans. A designated beneficiary may die before the group legal plan member and that can cause its own special challenges. Countrywide is aware this could happen. That is why annual updates are available to help people keep their last will and testament current. It is going the extra mile to help plan members.

Administration that is Proactive

No one likes waiting around for service and Countrywide wants plan members to get what is needed as soon as possible. We develop our group legal services benefits so that administration is fast and efficient. No one waits unreasonably long periods. Everyone also receives the best possible customer service. Drafting a will can be an emotional experience. Our attorneys possess a superior level of empathy and people sensitive skills. Those qualities are most appreciated by our clients.

Our clients also like the flexibility Countrywide employs when designing a group legal plan. We want to have in the plan design only what the client wants to have. When we are completed the plan is one that best fits the needs of the organization.

Drafting a will is the most commonly used group legal services benefit. Employees want to have it and deeply appreciate the ability to use this benefit. It gives a lot of peace of mind to the individual knowing that his or her wishes for the estate will be carried out. Countrywide attorneys are expert designing a will, and a plan member can rest assured the document is legally airtight. This is one of the great legal options we can put in a benefit plan for any organization. We have others from which to select and we invite inquiries. Please feel free to contact us and we welcome all of your questions.