Shaking the Bureaucracy Tree

Legal assistance will get results


When it is mentioned that public agencies perform service some people will sigh and roll their eyes. It is because a bad experience in dealing with government has left a very bitter taste in the mouth. Public agencies do indeed serve the public, but they have rules and regulations that many times seem a little bit cumbersome. A person is best able to work with the bureaucracy if he or she has a group legal plan offering help from expert attorneys.

Moving down the Corridors.

The assistance sought from a public agency is not necessarily earth shattering. People need to have an inspection of their newly built home to make sure it is compliant with code regulations, or a license may be needed for certain business activity. There can also be a situation where educational services are needed for a child. The guidelines and regulations may be written in very sophisticated legalese sentences. The paperwork may also have to go to certain offices for approval. Group legal services that include working with public agencies can be very helpful. The lawyer can interpret the requirements, explain to a plan member exactly what is needed, and help move applications and information. The attorneys have experience with public agencies know which door to knock on for help. They can also make certain that everything required will be part of any package delivered to a public agency. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services is a leader in developing legal plan benefits. Our network of attorneys provide the kind of total package assistance that any person will need.

Blazing a Trail through the Red Tape

The assistance is part of a Countrywide group legal services package which has what is necessary to move things along. A group legal plan member can make as many phone calls as necessary to the attorney of a given topic, having all questions answered in the process. The attorney can also make contact with the public agency on behalf of a plan member. This legal expert makes phone calls necessary to get additional information, substantiate what has to be delivered, and essentially remove administrative obstacles in the way. Public employees respond proactively to a telephone call or a letter from an attorney. What is important to note is that the attorney lives in the same area as the group legal plan member. Consequently, this professional as a better understanding than someone else of how the local offices work. Delays that could be weeks in length are reduced and the right information gets to the right office. It permits a plan member to have a more enjoyable experience of dealing with government.

Service Enhancements Are Part Of The Plan.

Dealing with the bureaucracy is frustrating and no one needs a benefit that is a mass of paper. We streamline our service so that there are no time-consuming delays. Many people are pleasantly surprised at how fast a Countrywide attorney moves to expedite things. Needless to say, decision-makers are glad to know that their hard-working employees receive immediate attention. We go one step beyond for the sake of our client organizations.

We tailor all of our group legal plan designs to fit the needs of the organization. We have an array of group legal services, assistance with public agencies being one of them, and
we encourage clients to select what they need to be part of their plan. At the close the day what we deliver is something that the organization needs and can use. Every benefit is something the organization knows its employees will need.

People don’t want to have their lives strangled by bureaucratic red tape. Countrywide is able to provide the group legal services needed to cut through obstructions and help a person work with public agencies. Our benefits are meant to reduce frustration and speed up solutions.

Every client knows that our team of legal experts are there to provide maximum service to all plan members. Please contact us today for information about our legal and ID Theft Credit Monitoring Plans!