Questions, Questions, Questions – Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services Lawyers Have the Answers


We live in an information world. Much of it is useful, but only if a person has access to it. Legal matters often appear vague and difficult to research. Individuals need information in the form of answers to questions. It is also important to receive suggestions and guidance on legal professionals. Not all group legal plans can deliver the goods.

Taking the Easy Way Out

Automation makes matters convenient but is not always consumer friendly. Alexa type response mediums can work for certain products but not pre-paid legal services; chat room member services are not much help, either. Consumer protection gets complicated and estate law varies from state to state. People want to be able to make telephone calls to attorneys without being charged. They want to talk face-to-face with a real person about medical powers of attorney. Consumers don’t want to scan legal documents into a portal for review. In short, a group legal plan must offer member sensitive services that provide information. That is what Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services does.

Stressing Personal Contact

We have a nationwide network of lawyers in our group legal plan administration. These professionals practice in the communities where our clients are located and the attorneys are easy to contact. Countrywide encourages face-to-face meetings. These are easy to schedule because a Countrywide group legal plan member has priority status.

The lawyer will listen carefully to the plan member. Any advice given is based on years of professional experience. Any dealings with local government are easier because the Countrywide attorney knows all the protocols.

We encourage questions and make inquiries easy. Unlimited telephone calls on a given subject are allowed. A person can make such a call and know that he or she will not be billed. Obtaining certain information can require outreach. A Countrywide lawyer can write letters or make telephone calls on behalf of the plan member. It is part of our effort to provide superior pre-paid legal services.

The Choice Is Yours

The overall quality of a plan centers on the services offered. Our client may choose those benefit options they believe their employees want and need. This selection will insure employees get a usable benefit to help with ordinary legal matters. It is assistance they appreciate.

Countrywide does its best to be sure that any service requested by a plan member is expedited. Our administration is deliberately streamlined to provide a fast response. That, by itself, is important but there is another quality of Countrywide that helps make us one of the best in the industry.

Empathy Matters

It is important to have an exceptionally good attorney, but it matters even more if that person has good people skills. The law can be intimidating, and the average person doesn’t know that much about the law. An attorney can easily turn any meeting into a lecture and that does not help. No one likes to feel stupid and answers given arrogantly do more harm than good.

Countrywide insists on empathy and people skills from the network attorneys. It needs to be accepted that a plan member does not know a great deal about the law and no question is stupid. The same group legal plan member must be treated with patience and consideration. Countrywide reminds the attorneys that their job is to solve problems. Good communication skills help, and we expect that. An attorney who is officious and arrogant will not be part of the Countrywide network of professionals.

Good pre-paid legal services are the kind that answer questions and provide workable solutions for plan members. Countrywide attorneys will answer all questions and provide as much assistance as possible to help a plan member deal with a legal issue. An employer may have questions about our services, and we want to be able to provide the answers. All interested parties are encouraged to contact Countrywide and ask about the quality of our assistance.