Speeding Up the Judicial Process – A Simple Will Gets Probate Court Moving


The judicial system moves slowly, and probate court is perhaps the most cautious. Probate takes its time because the court concerns itself with the legitimate rights of survivorship. The most commonly used pre-paid legal services benefit of group legal plans is drafting simple wills. This is something all plan members should use.

The Real Benefit of Simple Wills

Probate moves faster when the deceased has left behind a simple will. An executor will supervise the administration of the estate. There is no need for a court-appointed administrator. Probate will be there to adjudicate the final disbursements, but its role in daily estate administration is diminished. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has simple will writing as a group legal plan benefit.

Let the Attorney Do the Work

There are templates a person may use to write a will. However, these do not always capture the nuances of a person’s wishes. Learning what an individual wants to be included in the will requires questions to be asked and answered. Countrywide has a net of experienced lawyers who provide Countrywide services. They know how to write wills and what questions a person should answer in drafting a solid will.

Face-to-face meetings are encouraged and the Countrywide lawyer practices law in the community. Group legal plan members receive priority treatment and do not wait long for the meeting. A working relationship is easy to create because the lawyer has a high emotional intelligence level (Countrywide insists on its lawyers having good people skills). Questions may arise after the meeting, but that is not a problem. Countrywide permits an unlimited number of telephone calls on a given situation.

Special Services for Countrywide Plan Members

The conditions surrounding an estate may change over the years. Countrywide issues annual reminders about updating a will. A plan member may have an existing will and we have a benefit which permits the review of legal documents. Should additional information be required in writing a simple will, the Countrywide attorney can write letters or make telephone calls on the group legal plan member’s behalf. Countrywide is going to see to it that the drafting of simple will is easy and convenient. It is not a long and drawn out process for anyone who is involved.

We Work with the Help of the Client

It is important that any employee benefit be used by as many employees as possible. Organizations have different demographics and no one size fits all group legal plan is going to help. Countrywide encourages clients to choose those pre-paid legal services they want in their plan document. We will point out all our services and answer any questions. But that is all that we will do because the choice belongs to the client. Whatever that organization wants will be in the plan document.

We commit ourselves to providing excellent member services for any pre-paid legal services benefit. Our administration is streamlined to provide for quick and efficient delivery. As we mentioned earlier, our attorneys must have excellent personal skills. They must be able to show empathy and courtesy to all the plan members. If we ever find out that a lawyer is rude or abusive, that attorney will no longer be working with Countrywide. We expect the best and we are proud to say we consistently receive it from the lawyers in our network.

Writing a simple will is in recognition of mortality, but it makes sense to have one. Loved ones need to be able to get on with their lives and have financial resources to meet the bills. A simple will cuts down on the time factor; those who deserve a share of the estate receive it as soon as possible.

If you have any questions about Countrywide, please feel free to contact us. We believe we have a benefit that your employees will use and appreciate. We welcome the chance to explain it.