Buying a Home Does Not Have to be Difficult – Knowledge Makes It Easier


Buying a home is exciting and when an employee finally is making enough money that person can take the great step forward. The first-time home buyer may be a little anxious. After all, this is the most expensive purchase most people will make in their lifetime. No one wants to make a mistake which jeopardizes financial wellness.

The World of Real Estate

The real estate industry is an open market. You can buy the house you can afford or take a risk on one that is more expensive. You have the choice. The downside is purchasing real estate can be complicated.

There are terms used only in the property arena and conditions that only arise in real estate. Financing a house purchase can be confusing. Not everyone knows about points, FHA requirements, or payment schedules. Some prior education is helpful. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has a financial wellness benefit that offers sound house buying advice.

“Make Your Move” Explores House Buying

The Countrywide benefit is a self-study called “Make Your Move”. A person becomes a student of real estate and learns a lot about buying a house. Unfamiliar terms are explained and the course offers tips on how to do serious house searches. People often use real estate agents when buying a house and that is not a bad idea. Those professionals have a wealth of knowledge and are quite willing to share. The topics covered in “Make Your Move” help a buyer better understand what his or her agent is doing. The lessons will also help a person ask better questions and make astute decisions on buying a home. Countrywide has additional financial wellness help for homebuyer.

A Counselor’s Assistance

Countrywide’s nationwide network of certified counselors are ready to be of service. A financial wellness plan member can call on assistance in preparing the financing of a house.

A counselor can do a budget analysis or asset inventory to source the money for monthly mortgage bills and the initial down payment. FHA requires exact financial information from those seeking a loan. A Countrywide counselor can help in preparing the required data for a plan member. The counselor also answers the various questions a first-time buyer may have. Relieving any anxiety is a primary benefit of any of our professionals. Our education program and the expertise of our counselors will empower an employee to go ahead with the purchase plans.

Some Help from the Employer

Countrywide offers a variety of financial wellness services and each one can help an employee with a common financial problem. Prospective clients appreciate that, but these organizations want to be cost-effective. They will not offer a benefit to employees that no one will use. Countrywide appreciates and respects this attitude and we want to make the overall choice easier. Countrywide does this by allowing choice.

Decision-makers are permitted to look at all our benefits and decide those which will be a part of their plan. We hope they consider our house education and perhaps help with medical bills, but we realize that an organization’s demographics might not want either. On the other hand, there might be Some Countrywide options that are perfect for a given group of employees. Fair enough. The selections will be part of the final plan document. We will support all the choices with some of the best member services in the industry. Employers can expect their hard-working staffs will be treated with courtesy and respect by Countrywide counselors. A Countrywide financial wellness plan member is given priority and our administration speeds up the process. No one is going to wait an unreasonable period for needed service.

We offer a benefit that employees are going to like. If you have any questions about our offerings, please feel free to contact us. We want to answer your questions and explain how we can be of service.