A Real Home Headache

There Can Be More Than One Public Agency Involved

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The Internal Revenue Service is not the only public agency people deal with in the spring time. Anyone who is looking to buy, sell, or build a house is going to have to deal with bureaucracy. The bureaucratic red tape can be frustrating and very time consuming. It can be a headache unless a person has access to pre-paid legal services.

Several Agencies May Be Involved

The contact with a public agency depends on the individual circumstances. Anyone who is building their home is going to have to deal with building codes. Those who want to buy a house may have to work with the FHA, and sellers may have to deal with house inspectors. Not all of this is meant to aggravate a person. A primary reason for government involvement is to make sure that the structure is solid and is in livable condition. There should never be a situation where anyone is purchasing a house that may be falling apart. Still, the rules and regulations can be awfully confusing. A group legal plan should be able to help somebody deal with the public officials.
Taxes Can Be Appealed

Additional dealings could be with the tax people on the local level. The current tax assessment of the house may not be realistic. An owner does have the right to contest the decision, but he or she has to have the evidence and have the appeal in before the deadline. This is situation where a person pays for ignorance. Not knowing what is needed and not understanding the importance of deadlines can cause the appeal to be discarded. A lawyer from a group legal plan can help prevent that from happening. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services offers a benefit to help those involved with real estate.

The Ability to Deal with Several Agencies

A home buyer or seller may have to deal with more than one government agency over owned property. This will mean two separate sets of regulations and two separate deadlines need to be followed. It can get very confusing. This is why working with a Countrywide lawyer can help quite a bit. This professional is in the area and knows how to deal with civil servants. Some issues may need clarification along with documentation. A Countrywide attorney is more than willing to make telephone calls on behalf of the client to gain information. The lawyer can also send formal letters to the public department. None of these pre-paid legal services means that a person gets a special advantage by using Countrywide lawyer. What happens is the process is made much smoother with fewer bumps in the road.

We Let the Client Decide

Help with public agencies is a great benefit but a prospective client may not want it. It may simply be due to a desire to have some other option for the group legal plan instead. Countrywide understands this and lets clients choose what benefits will be part of the plan document. Whatever the client feels is best suited for the workforce, is what will be provided by us.

We will always provide high-quality service and attention to detail that makes sure solutions are achieved. Buying or selling a home can be a stressful situation. It doesn’t need to be made worse by having difficulty with various public agencies. Countrywide has the pre-paid legal services which will make the real estate transactions that much easier.

Unnecessary delays need not happen when a Countrywide lawyer is available. We encourage decision-makers to find out more about what we have to offer. We have a number of group legal plan benefits that can help employees deal with modern-day problems. Please do feel free to contact us about what we can do for you.