Preparing the Final Papers

Living Wills Are Critical

 We all have to accept the fact our time on earth is limited. There will come a point when our lives end, or we might be in a comatose medical conditions. The final days of a human being can be traumatic for survivors. What can be even more heart rendering is a person who is in the hospital, with no chance of recovery, but life-support systems still going to keep the body alive. Final papers which ought to be drafted include a living will and medical power of attorney. A group legal plan can provide needed support.

Waiting is the hardest part of the inevitable for a terminal case in the hospital. It is made much worse by the life-support systems. Families will watch, hoping that there’ll be some miracle that happens to bring back the loved one. That does not happen very often. The hospital will keep the support system running until the person finally dies. That could be days, weeks, or months.

The longer a person stays on life-support, the greater the expense because the deductible will have to be met once again every year. This also works against the claims experience of the company’s health plan. This may seem heartless but it has to be thought about. Not having a living will inflict a sizable financial cost on both the employer and the loved ones of the family. A living will includes instructions that a client wants the doctors and healthcare facility to follow. These will be obeyed to the letter. The medical power of attorney, another good pre-paid legal services option, gives authority to individual trusted by the client to make important decisions. All this means is that the state of legal limbo is removed when a person is on life-support.

Group legal plan vendors will always promote professional skills of their attorneys but there’s more to it when it comes to the paperwork. This is an extremely stressful conference. A person is made to realize that he or she could be in a terminal condition. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services realizes the level of anxiety. Our attorneys are expected to show empathy. Every time a Countrywide lawyer works with a group legal plan member on issues as sensitive as a living will, a great deal of patience is shown and all questions are answered. Working together, the plan member and the attorney craft a document that gives very specific instructions on what to do in the event of a terminal medical situation. The plan member always has the right to an unlimited number of telephone calls on this given situation. If a face-to-face consultation is what individual wants, this is what Countrywide will provide as a pre-paid legal services benefit.

Expertise is a given. In working with a client to prepare the documents, our attorneys will show the patience and respect the situation requires. This is a pre-paid legal service that is offered regardless of what options are in the plan. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services does not believe in boilerplate documents. We have been working with organizations since 1987 to provide group legal plans. These benefits have to reflect the needs of the employees. Consequently, we let clients choose what options will be part of the plan. This makes the benefits more responsive to the requirements of hard-working employees. Great service and courtesy will always be a part of a Countrywide plan

Drafting a living will and medical powers of attorney papers removes a serious weight from family shoulders. Doctors are given instructions about what is to be done in the event of a medical emergency where there’s no hope of recovery. This is just one of the benefit options Countrywide provides. We encourage decision-makers and resources directed to contact us about all we have that will benefit their employees.

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