Reducing Presenteeism in the Office with a Group Legal Plan

It wasn’t too long ago that HR departments worried a lot about high levels of absenteeism. A struggling economy seems to be taking care of that situation, because people are now trying to hang onto their jobs and mental health days are things of the past. Unfortunately, there’s a new phenomenon that is creating a problem and it is known as presenteeism.

It happens when employees report to work but do not function at full productivity. In other words, the company is paying for a person who is present but not working very hard. The cost for this low efficiency can be very substantial. Business experts note that people reporting in when they’re sick is one of the causes, but being distracted by outside difficulties is just as bad. An employee who has worries on the mind is not working to capacity. In an intelligence driven workforce where cognitive skills are essential for profitability, this is quite serious. Major sources of such production threatening distractions are legal problems outside of the office.

It is estimated that over one third of all employees are confronted at one time or another with legal issues. While most anxieties involve estate planning and wills, matters such as family law and identity theft also plague a productive person’s thoughts. These have the ability to turn one’s attention away from a deadline and a company has to find the means to reduce the distraction. A group legal plan is a strong possible solution.

It is all fairly simple. An employee seeking the need of a credentialed attorney makes use of the services of a group legal plan to establish connection. The fees charged by the legal professional are reduced because the group legal plan assumes part of the cost. The most important thing though is that there is access to an expert who is familiar with what is causing an employee to be frustrated. This legal professional can address the problem and relieve some of the anxiety. With the stress gone, the employee is better able to be productive on the job. He or she isn’t just present; but actively producing.

Granted, such plans can’t resolve all the problems that presenteeism creates. It can be part of an overall strategy to reduce the danger of this threat to corporate productivity. Fatigue is recognized as an inhibitor of performance but that is also true of anxiety or stress. Relieving the stress brought on by outside legal worries will assist in returning an employee the status of a high performer. Best of all, this benefit is not all that expensive.

Presenteeism is not a problem that will just fade away. The earlier it is addressed, the sooner productivity picks up. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. appreciates the importance peace of mind has for an employee’s productivity. Countrywide offers plans that cover a number of common legal issues and help ratchet down the stress level. With cost-conscious service, an ability to set up a plan quickly, and the ability to adapt to whatever the needs are of a company,