Dealing with Immigration Issues

Immigration is a topic that is widely discussed in New Jersey. Reforms enacted in Washington will have serious impact but until they are passed, existing law prevails. That can cause a problem for a number of employees in any given company. An individual may have problems with a work visa or the green card needed to be in United States. This would probably require legal assistance to sort out. Moreover, there is the question of family and possible issues arising from kin. An immigrant’s family is a source of support when thousands of miles away from home. Family members may have trouble with immigration law and once again an attorney might be needed. The stress of immigration problems can be considerable to say the very least. It can very easily affect an individual’s performance as worries about the current legal status of family members mount.

Federal law applies overall, but New Jersey does have certain statutes pertaining to immigrants within the state. The Work First New Jersey program which provides a number of benefits to families is off-limits for anyone who is an illegal immigrant. A person has to prove legal immigrant status and that is not something that’s easy to do alone. Altercations with law enforcement officials checking immigration status can also be a bone of contention. An employee who has family members who are immigrants is equally exposed to the stresses and concerns that non-US citizens often face.

A company can make things easier with a group legal plan. This helps employee sort through immigration concerns with credentialed attorneys who are grounded in immigration laws governing non-citizens in New Jersey. Depending on the specifics of the given plan, members of an employee’s family can also have access to such legal counsel, helping them better adapt in a similar to a new country. Problems about residency, worker status, or just eligibility for government programs can be quickly resolved with the services of the group legal plan. An employer who is sensitive to the needs of any employee, but particularly those who are non-US citizens, can quickly see how essential a group legal plan as an employee benefit can be. Most importantly, it really doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg and some or all the costs could be borne by the individual employee.

A horrible consequence of troubles with immigration law could be a valued employee being forced to return to his or her home country. The potential negative consequence for profit is pretty stark, and a company should have the means to help a noncitizen employee navigate the legal system. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services is well aware of immigration challenges, having established legal plans that cover immigration for many companies in New Jersey. Countrywide will help a company create a group legal plan that gives peace of mind to employees, and can help them move effortlessly towards an ultimate goal of being a permanent resident or an American citizen. Like the Lady in the Harbor, Countrywide offers a beacon that sheds light on dark and unknown areas of the law, helping a person address legal situations in a country whose laws are totally foreign.