Referrals Are Part Of The Program Countrywide Gives A Bit Extra

stockfresh_4514580_referrals-3d-words-connected-arrows-new-customers-word-of-mouth_sizeS-300x300Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services goes the distance to guarantee that plan members receive the very best services available. We are proud of the fact that we respond quickly and effectively to any problem that a clients employee might have. We must admit, however, that there are limitations to what we can do.

Our nationwide network of attorneys deal with common problems that group legal plan members face. Our legal professionals, located in every community where there is a Countrywide client organization, do their best but there are some parts of the law that can be unfamiliar ground.

That is not surprising. The law has many areas of specialty, including Internet law, Marine law, Divorce, Immigration, and Family law among others. The challenge that an individual may have might be more than our pre-paid legal services can resolve. Some group legal plans are not willing to go any further than what they offer. Countrywide is different. If we think it is important that a referral be made outside of our network, we will do it. It is our commitment to both the Countrywide clients and their employees.

We Have Rules for Referrals

People get justifiably nervous when it comes to referrals. Attorneys who specialize in various types of jurisprudence have unique sets of skills that they have acquired over the years. They have a right to charge higher than normal fees because of their expertise. We respect that but, at the same time, we are mindful of our obligations to Countrywide group legal plan members.

If a plan member needs help outside our expertise, we will provide a direct referral.

We want to assure any prospective client that a Countrywide plan member will not pay the entire fee charged by a referral attorney. We insist on discounts being given to our plan members, so they can take advantage of the specialized legal service at a reasonable price.

Reduced Rates, Not Reduced Service

We have a working relationship with attorneys who specialize in certain areas of law. We trust them because we have done business with them in the past, but there are certain requirements of any outside attorney who wishes to work with Countrywide.

There are special member rates for Countrywide group legal plan member. These include 25% discount on hourly and schedule rates. Contingency fee cases are to be provided at a 10% discount from the standard contingency percentages.

We are very concerned about hidden costs or charges. Consequently, we require a detailed fee schedule from those attorneys as part of the relationship. Our members receive reduced fees upfront.

We also insist on high quality attention. Countrywide has emotional intelligence as a pre-paid legal services benefit, and we expect empathy from these attorneys. Although they have a unique set of skills, we require that good people skills be provided. Otherwise, that attorney cannot work with us

Countrywide provides pre-paid legal services that are what ordinary people need to take care of their problems. Drafting simple wills, reviewing legal documents, help with consumer protection and government agencies, and preparing medical powers of attorney are some of the benefits of being a plan member. Those benefits that are part of a group legal plan are ones selected by the client. We explain all our options to a prospective client and answer all questions, but we will never advocate one benefits over another. What the organization wants is what will be in the plan. We provide streamlined administration and superior member services.

It might appear odd that we are willing to do referrals, but it is part of our dedication to plan members. We want their legal issues solved and we will go outside our comfort zone to help. If you want to know more about all our pre-paid legal services, please feel free to contact us at your convenience. We will be glad to answer all your questions and explain our benefit to you in detail.