Referrals Should Have Discounts

legalLegal Fees can be Enormous

A group legal plan has its limitations. The legal network of attorneys does not necessarily cover all types of law. There are some very unique sectors such as intellectual property that require an attorney with highly specialized skills. Plan vendors will make up any shortcomings by promoting the possibility of referrals outside of the network. That sounds great, but there is a catch to all of this. A person may be stepping into serious financial quicksand with any of the referrals.

The Referrals Are Not Cheap

An attorney with a specialized skill can charge very high fees for services rendered. There may be a base rate as well as contingency fees and other expensive obligations that are charged to the client. Group legal services can help within the system, but might not be set up to accommodate those costs charged by a referral. It can leave a legal plan member financially stranded. A benefit should not create unnecessary expenses for anyone enrolled in the plan. There should be a means by which discounts are offered in situations where a referrals needed. That is something Countrywide includes as a group legal services component.

We Help with outside Referrals

Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has a nationwide network of highly qualified attorneys. Nevertheless, we fully understand there are occasions when referrals have to be made outside of the network. We do not want to have any of our plan members inconvenienced by excessively high attorney fees. Consequently, we work with those attorneys to have reduced rates. One of our group legal services is a 25% discount on hourly and scheduled rates. We also insist on a 10% discount for contingency fees. Those attorneys who receive references from us have agreed to this arrangement. It makes certain that are plan members receive the legal help they need at a price they can afford.

High Levels of Service Are Expected

Discounts mean inexpensive rates, but not cheap service. Countrywide insists that everyone is given the best possible service by the lawyers. Though not in the legal network, these attorneys will give the same kind of attention and empathy that ordinary Countrywide attorneys provide. An individual can expect to get the best assistance in areas of law, such as Internet e-commerce or environmental issues. These are all situations that require special health and they will be delivered at reduced prices. It is one of the benefits of having a Countrywide group legal plan.

We Are Flexible in Our Design

An organization may want to provide its employees with group legal services, but only specified assistance. Countrywide appreciates this wish, and we have been granting it since 1987 when we first started designing group legal plans. We have a wide variety of options that can be placed into the plan document. We work with the client to create exactly what that organization wants. It goes without saying that we provide what is requested. We can offer advice, but at the end of the process that plan document is precisely what the client wants to have. Every plan is provided for the kind of administration that gets service rendered as soon as possible. We want every person to know that his or her legal difficulty is a top priority with Countrywide. What we do is get there the quickest with the best assistance. Our success in doing this is reflected by the many favorable comments we received from our existing clients.

Referrals should never bankrupt anybody or put them in financial difficulty. Countrywide offers the kind of discounts that will lighten the burden. We encourage anyone looking for a high quality group legal plan to contact us about what we have to offer. Countrywide does it’s very best to give the greatest legal assistance available. Contact us today!

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