parent with child in carThe Ability to Pay for College May Depend on It

The one group legal services benefit most commonly used is drafting a will. These final instructions on how to deal with the estate have helped many families find closure when death comes knocking. It is unfortunate but many people put off having a will composed. Some even imagine that events will take care of themselves. That is a fantasy. A group legal plan that has an option for drawing up a last will is providing the kind of protection children need.

Future Security Could Be Put at Risk

Passing away without a will leaves everything in a condition of intestate. This will require the matter being brought before probate court for determination. An administrator is appointed and that person reports directly to the court. The needs of the survivors may or may not be considered. There is where the problem arises.

The surviving children might not be toddlers. They may in fact be teenagers who are about ready to start looking for colleges. Money needed for tuition can be bottled up for months as a probate court decides how the estate is going to be distributed. This can result in sons and daughters being forced to take out large college loans, or delay going to college for a couple of years. It can cause a very serious disruption.

Drafting a Will Is Necessary, but Not Necessarily Difficult

What is amazing about the procrastination is that drafting a will is not that difficult at all. A group legal plan with competent lawyers can offer service that is very simple. The lawyer can draft the needed document and do all that is necessary to make it legal and binding. This allows for the wishes of the deceased to be followed to the letter, and relieves the beneficiaries of a lot of unnecessary red tape. Group legal services such as this are a great help to any family with children in it. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has drafting a will as one of the benefit options for a Countrywide group legal plan.

Our Lawyers Deliver Prompt Service

We have a nationwide network of attorneys who are more than willing to compose a will for a plan member. It is the kind of group legal services benefit these legal professionals are accustomed to providing. The final document is compliant with the law and easy to execute. Countrywide also provides additional service. We can send out reminders to plan members to update their will. Times change and so do circumstances. Keeping a will up-to-date means fewer problems with the estate. It is one more thing that Countrywide does to make sure our group legal services benefits are not only attractive but also highly usable.

We Are Flexible to Meet Client Needs

Countrywide has been preparing group legal plan benefits since 1987 for all kinds of organizations. We take great pride in being flexible. All of our plans are tailored to meet the needs of the client. We have a variety of benefits from which to choose, and what the client wants we will provide. It is important that a plan member get prompt service no matter who that individual is. Our administration is intended to provide competent and quick service. Nobody is forced to wait lengthy periods to get the legal assistance needed.

College tuition is expensive and sometimes the proceeds of an estate are what pay for it. A college-bound student should not have to take out extensive loans while waiting for probate court to make a final ruling. Countrywide can provide the will drafting service that an individual can use. We firmly believe that what we have to offer will make settling that final estate much easier without unnecessary delays.

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