Safeguarding Internet Identity in Maryland

Pando Networks conducted a study in 2011 of those states that have the fastest Internet speeds and download completion rates. The results showed that the mid-Atlantic region had the most number of the fastest states, and Maryland ranked fifth on the list. The Old Line State is definitely computer savvy and its residents make use of the Internet for all kinds of shopping and financial transactions. The convenience is great but so is the risk. There are pirates who are cruising the cyber space and identity theft is something that just cannot be ignored by anyone using a computer. The possible losses are enormous.

Thieves Prey on the Unsuspecting

Hackers have a field day going into people’s online accounts and harvesting confidential information. These thieves cannot only drain an unsuspecting person’s bank accounts, but can also set up fake credit cards and charge thousands of dollars on the phony plastic. The real tragedy is the victim not knowing what has happened until days or weeks later; long after the culprit has gotten away with the goods. Trying to recover both reputation and credit ratings can take hours, and an individual is left feeling vulnerable and frightened.

The problem is not being ignored and Maryland does have laws on the books to protect its citizens from these criminals. Every effort is made to help an individual salvage what has been lost. Still, the process of recovering from identity theft can be time-consuming and very distracting. Precious time is too often spent trying to get back what has been taken. Sadly, identity theft is more than just an inconvenience. It can result in credit accounts being frozen and new identity numbers having to be reissued. The worst-case scenarios may include situations where the purchase of a house has to be delayed or even abandoned because identity thief has destroyed a person’s credit rating. It goes without saying that the emotional toll on an innocent victim is extensive and draining. Protection in the form of a group legal plan

Group Protection from Identity Theft

Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services understands how important it is for a person to protect Internet accounts. Group legal plans and identity theft plans developed by Countrywide contain identity theft and credit monitoring elements that makes use of information from the top three credit monitoring bureaus, and also has insurance to cover losses caused by identity theft. Companies working with Countrywide can establish voluntary payroll deduction group legal plans and identity theft plans that can provide legal assurance that an employee’s cyber presence is protected from computer hackers. It means that issues of identity theft are swiftly taken care of, financial integrity is quickly restored, and a productive associate has one less thing to worry about.

Group legal plans and identity theft plans help a company build a firewall of law around its workforce. Such a legal benefit lets employees know management cares about their Internet safety and security, and they identify more closely with the company as a consequence. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services wants to help Maryland employers design group legal plans and identity theft plans that makes employees feel more identity secure and keeps the Internet wolves at bay.