Addressing Immigration in New York

It is estimated that about 36% of the population of New York City was born in another country and the entire state is home to foreign born people. They come from all parts of the world and bring individual issues that have to be addressed. Companies may not feel the need to be too concerned but that can be a sizable mistake. Immigrants have families and some members may be corporate employees.

Immigrants encounter mountains of paper

Folks who come to America often look over their shoulder towards home. They try to help family members immigrate to the United States to start a new life. This was done 100 years ago and is still being done today. The difference is the paperwork. The forms and red tape to process legal immigration could wrap around the Statue of Liberty once or twice from head to toe. These immigrants, although legally here and paying taxes, are prohibited from taking advantage of a number of services such as Social Security. Establishing credit can also be quite a challenge. To add to all the other worries there is always the risk of deportation. Immigration services companies are available in New York but they are not always reputable. Uncertainty and the sheer complexity of immigrant issues can weigh heavily on any employee whose family comes in from overseas.

Legal assistance lightens the load

Trying to help family members more than just a reason for undue stress in the workplace. The need to help loved ones can result in high levels of absenteeism among the workforce. The risk of decreased productivity due to distracted thoughts and missed days cannot be ignored by management. The company that has a group legal plan is one that cares for its employees, and also is very concerned about the bottom line. Its management does not allow the disruptions possibly caused by immigration to interfere with the normal working day. The contact which group legal plans allow employees to have with expert lawyers in the area of immigration helps reduce crisis to something more manageable. Attorneys who are part of a group legal plan network can slice through the red tape surrounding immigration and ease the transition into American society. They also eliminate many of the headaches suffered by a valued worker trying to help family members.

Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has a well-recognized reputation for professionalism in New York. Group legal plans developed by Countrywide have helped thousands of people resolve immigration and other legal issues that affect private life. With voluntary payroll deductions that are very affordable, Countrywide helps a company offer an employee benefit that is deeply appreciated by everyone in the workplace.

Immigrants are some of the best employees that a business can possibly have, and seeing to it that the stresses of immigration issues are small is a way of saying thanks for all the hard work the newcomers perform. There is certainly no reason for these highly productive individuals to be distracted because of some minor nerve wracking detail. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services designs the kind of group legal plans that have the individual’s welfare in mind and the client’s needs well in sight.