Scam Artists Profit from Credit Card Debt

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It Is Too Good to Be True

The bad financial times these past few years have required many to use their credit cards more than necessary. The result is they are faced with sizable credit card debt, and do not quite know how to get out of it. Frustrated and concerned, but also worried about their future financial wellness, they look for help anywhere. This includes some very professional thieves.

Exploiting an Opportunity

The Federal Trade Commission has warned consumers about companies who claim they can reduce the interest on credit cards. These unethical people do not come in the dead of night but they will call you around dinnertime. As you probably guessed, the telephone call is not much more than a high pressure sales pitch. These are robocalls which promise results but encourage people to act right away. They also ask for a fee upfront, which you can pay by credit card. That simply opens up the door for future mischief.

So-called debt consolidation companies raise the stakes then. They will offer debt consolidation services, and use post office boxes as addresses. The victim hopes that their debt is being paid off but that does not always happen. The debt consolidation scam can take considerable amount of time to pay any obligation. An individual is placed at serious risk because this. It is entirely possible that an individual forgets credit card bills he or she has to pay, assuming it is being taken care of by the third party. Once again, financial wellness is threatened as certain debts go unpaid.

Financial Wellness Benefits Help

Victims in Los Angeles turn to these con artists because of lack of information. They trust whom they should not, because they do not know what to do. Their finances are put at risk and they may suffer long-term consequences. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services wants to help,

We have a significant benefit which can be used to help make sense of credit card debt. We have a network of professional financial counselors who will work with plan members. These experts understand the anxiety of an individual. They will work with this person to develop a method of dealing with credit card debt overload. Our debt counselors are professionals who can be relied on to give good service. They can outline strategies how to best deal with credit card or other types of financial obligation. Most important, a financial wellness plan member actually meets the counselor. They are able to connect a name to a face which is something a scam operation would never do for them. A way of getting out of massive debt is determined, and the plan member is able to address the problem in a legitimate fashion.

The Best Service

We also have a streamlined administration to better assist plan members. Anyone who’s having difficulty with credit card debt will be able to contact a counselor without having to go through a lot of unnecessary paperwork. We know the service is important in a situation of credit card difficulty. We respond as quickly as possible.

We also have some other options which an organization may consider if they’re thinking of the financial wellness plan. We let clients decide what will be part of the plan. Those financial wellness options they want to see will be in the final document. No one should be the victim of a scam artist who is trying to take advantage of a bad situation. Countrywide is here to be of assistance to those who need help dealing with credit card debt. What we offer is the kind of benefit that an organization can use. We encourage human resource directors and other decision-makers to contact us about what we have to offer them and their employees.