Senior Employees Need Financial Wellness Help

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Financial wellness is not just an issue for younger employees. Those who are getting closer to retirement age have a very real concern about their finances. Once they retire, they will be living on a reduced income. Credit card debt and other responsibilities can make them feel very apprehensive. They also have to worry about student loan debt. Many parents are paying off balances from the plus loans, and these can require years of continual payment. It happens that older employees feel swamped and worry about retirement. A company with a financial wellness plan provides excellent support.

Older employees do not appreciate a lecture. They have a lot of life experience and they understand finances. There are any number of ways that older employees can take care of the debt load. What they need is guidance on how to better manage debt balances, which may have been the result of raising their children. A good financial wellness counselor is able to do that without being a pest. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services provides this kind of financial advice. Our counselors are there to assist, not to preach sermons.

There to Help

These professionals can point out ways in which student debt obligations are best handled. If there are credit card concerns, these can be ironed out. The counselor can also develop a budget which gives adequate amounts to be used for retirement savings or small pleasures. This type of support is deeply appreciated. It reminds senior employees they do not have to work for the rest of their lives, if they do not want to do that. What it takes is some financial management, and perhaps a few new ideas. That dream of the Golden Years is still attainable. It means a lot to somebody who has worked hard for many years.

There is a Need for Return on Investment

Employers do want to help older employees, but those not are the only people on staff. There has to be benefits in the plan for the entire workforce. Countrywide wants to make sure that any financial wellness plan best suits the needs of the employer. It is why we refuse to offer a boilerplate document. Instead, we ask clients to choose what benefit options they want in their plan. It lets decision-makers have the opportunity to craft a benefit that exactly fits the needs of all employees.

Countrywide goes the extra step to make the plan even more manageable. Our administration is designed to be highly efficient. We don’t think that anyone should have to fill out long and boring forms. If a person wants to get a hold of a financial counselor, it is very easy to do. These people are in the area and can be contacted immediately. We insist that our plan members be given priority, and that their needs be taken quite seriously. It is part of our goal of putting the client and the plan members first.

There is also a very real benefit to organizations when senior employees are helped. There is no need to delay retirement, and these people can leave the company workforce at the regular age. They do not have to wait until they’re older. This opens up opportunities to hire new blood and also promote deserving employees. Financial wellness is something that employee and employer will appreciate.

The financial wellness options we provide also include help with college loan debt and budgeting. These are things that younger employees are going to need to stay afloat in these times. We hope that decision-makers would be interested in what we have to offer. We encourage you to contact us and find out all the ways we can support your employees, both young and old.