I Signed What?

Review Contracts before Signing Them

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A contract is a serious piece of legal paperwork. It puts down in very stylized writing the terms and conditions both parties agree to respect. That document will also detail the consequences of failure to abide by the clauses. Business consultants will give serious warnings about reading a contract before it is signed. The problem is people will read the contract and not understand a word. The services of a group legal plan can prevent a disaster.

Contract Language Isn’t Easy to Understand


Legal verbiage is full of Latin phrases that all sound Greek to the average person. He or she has difficulty understanding obligations that are written in language centuries-old. It becomes a serious problem when that individual skips over the words and phrases. The signature is placed on the contract and some real headaches begin almost immediately. Someone who signs a contract that is not understood is still bound by the agreement. Group legal services that will allow an attorney to review the paperwork beforehand really helps.


A Group Legal Plan Can Provide Needed Interpretation


Attorneys deal with legal phrases all the time. Their familiarity with what the words mean allows them to provide the kind of group legal services that are beneficial. A lawyer can review a contract and let an individual know what is expected of him or her. It is also possible to warn the plan member of consequences for noncompliance. Most contracts are not volumes of pages; many are no more than six pages long. The review of even a small contract can save a person a lot of grief later on. Group legal services that allows for contract review gives greater assurance to a plan member. This prevents a person from falling into a legal pit


Countrywide Allows for Contract Review


Since 1987 Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services have provided expert legal assistance to plan members. We know how important it is to have an understanding of the contract. Our attorneys expect to review up to six pages of contract text as a group legal service benefit. Over the years our network of lawyers have helped thousands of people understand the contracts they are about to sign. There been numerous times where our advice has resulted in a contract being revised. Our group legal plan members have benefited as a result of our diligence.


Contracts are something that people worry over and we understand the concern. Our attorneys will take an unlimited number of telephone calls on a given situation. Any plan member can talk directly to the assigned attorney. If it makes person feel better to have a face-to-face consultation, that can be arranged. We can’t accuse anyone of intentionally writing a bad contract. At the same time a letter from a Countrywide attorney can make the other side more willing to redefine the clauses. There may be a timeline on a contract with a date by which it has to be signed. A plan member should know that our lawyers will go to work immediately on any contract they are asked to review. Every plan member is treated as an important client. We stress with our attorneys how important it is to have superior customer service. Our ability to provide that is reflected in the testimonies and comments we received over the years.


A contract can be a binding document for a long time. Knowing what it says and what the language means are extremely important. This legal document is not something to be taken lightly and a person should know the terms before signing. A review of contract by one of our attorneys is a group legal services benefit we gladly provide. It is not the only legal option we have to offer, and we invite anyone to call us about all of the group legal plan benefits Countrywide has.

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