NEW YEAR- Rules Change

New Regulations take Effect on January 1

So many things change with the New Year and it is not just the calendar. Many people are not aware of this but the first of the year is a time when many new government regulations go into effect. These govern public agencies and were enacted either by the state legislature or the federal government. To put it mildly, a lot of rules are going to change. It comes as a shock to some people who need to work with the public agencies. Anyone who is a member of a group legal plan can call on help to understand the new rules.

When Least Expected, It’s Corrected

Government isn’t trying to pull a nasty surprises. It is many times the case that a statute or regulation has outlived its usefulness. It is even possible that the old wording may be preventing people from getting government assistance they desperately need. Public decision-makers enact corrections and make public notice of what has been done. Unfortunately, very few people have time to read those public notifications. This means a real shock happens when they find out how things have changed. A very effective group legal services benefit is to have an attorney guide a person through the maze of bureaucracy. This legal professional has good reason to stay on top of things. His or her ability to explain the changes, and how to respond to them can save an awful lot of time and trouble.

Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services is aware of how frustrating government agencies can be. Those revisions in guidelines can only add to an overall sense of helplessness. We provide as one of our group legal services the assistance of an attorney in walking through the procedures. A Countrywide lawyer is more than willing to sit down with a group legal plan member and help explain the changes.

Local Attorneys Perform the Service

It does not make sense to have somebody from out of town or out of state provide the help. Countrywide has a network of attorneys within the group legal services plan structure. When a plan member needs assistance the attorney is drawn from the local area. This person has a better idea of how the changes affect the local public agency activity. In addition, the attorney may also have a working relationship with the bureaucrats. No public employee deliberately tries to slow things down; too often information supplied is incomplete or inaccurate. The Countrywide lawyer would know who has to be contacted and what information has to be provided. The whole process is made so much easier and efficient when the attorney is guiding the process.

No One Is a Number

Everyone wants good service for the money paid. Countrywide designs group legal plan benefits to provide the best assistance. An unlimited number of telephone calls to the attorney on a given situation, legal correspondence and telephone contacts made by the attorney, and face-to-face consultations are all part of the group legal services offered. The Countrywide attorneys know how important the plan members are. Every person who seeks help is treated as if he or she is the only client the attorney has. The administration of our benefits are tailored for efficiency and profits. No one is going to wait for our help.

When the rules change people get confused and frustrated. Countrywide attorneys are the kind of professionals who can look through the revisions and offer the best advice. A plan member can relax because he or she has the best available legal advice and guidance. The halls of government and public agencies can sometimes be a little intimidating. It is our intention to make everything a lot easier and clearer for plan members. We offer the kind of legal services that make dealing with government much easier. Anyone who has questions about what we can provide should not hesitate to contact us.