3 Important Legal Services for Immigrants

The immigration issue is going to be debated in 2015, and a final resolution may still be later in the future. There are many legal immigrants in the United States and they are having difficulty adjusting to the American way of life. Some of the problems may involve dealing with public agencies and the various laws of this country. A group legal plan is intended to be of help but there are certain elements that must be a part of the plan to be of real value. Without them, the group legal services benefit is not much use.

  1. Help with public agencies.

Immigrants require a variety of services a native born American citizen does not need. ESL (English as a Second Language) tutoring is important for them to become fluent. There are a number of other services which they are legally allowed to have, but they may have difficulty applying. An excellent group legal services benefit is having an attorney help explain the process. Applications that appear confusing are easier to understand and the proper information is supplied. With the guidance of an attorney the wait time is cut to almost nothing.

  1. Correspondence help.

The language barrier is a major one for many new immigrants. This puts them at the mercy of unethical vendors and stores. It is unfortunate that many immigrants may have to accept an unfair deal because they lack the ability to write a formal letter. Attorneys who are able to write correspondence on legal letterhead can cut through a lot of nonsense. A group legal plan that permits lawyers to make telephone calls on behalf of a client or write letters provides great service to a new American. Unethical people back down quickly when they get correspondence or telephone calls from a lawyer. This resolves a lot of problems in the marketplace.

3. Explain contracts and warranties

It is a very different world for a new immigrant. American law is strange and the wording of warranties is difficult to comprehend. Having someone review contracts, warranties, and other legal documents is important. Attorneys associated with a group legal plan can better explain the content of the contract or other legal document. These professionals can review the paperwork and alert a plan member to any obligations or requirements. The new arrival is able to avoid falling into a spider’s web of difficulties because somebody was able to take the time to review and explain content.

There are other group legal services that can be offered to make the assimilation into American society easier. Taken as a whole the benefit options relieve the anxiety a new person is going to feel. The administration of the group legal plan must be efficient. It is critical that an immigrant not have to go through a major paper trail in order to get needed services. This person also needs to have someone with the right amount of empathy. A lawyer who takes the time to explain things slowly and quietly is a benefit all by itself. A person feels more relaxed and feels assured due to such professional kindness. It makes the group legal services that much more appreciated.

Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has worked with plan members who are immigrants or their family members have just come over to the United States. Our network of highly skilled attorneys have helped many people deal with new arrival issues. Companies appreciate that we are able to do for plan members, and our customer service is highly regarded. We can explain to any human resources director or decision-maker how our benefits are useful to immigrant employees. We welcome the opportunity to answer any questions about our services.