Legal Help Will Follow You

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Your company may have asked you to relocate for the sake of business. This may include a promotion and a raise in pay, and you are happy to do it. There is a relocation package that helps you get squared away but it covers just so many things. The new location may have a whole different set of rules. If you are closing on a house the relocation package might not cover the legal paperwork. A group legal plan can provide assistance, but only if it has a network of attorneys.

The Value of a Nationwide Network

The new location brings with it the potential of some issues requiring a lawyer. This doesn’t mean courtroom dramas, but could mean the filing of paperwork with a public agency. Group legal services will ordinarily help in such matters. It also can happen that you are renting property with a fairly complicated looking lease. An attorney can review the document and advise you on what your obligations might be. Again, these are things that a group legal plan would cover. However, there can be a problem if the plan doesn’t have a legal network. You maybe hundreds of miles away from the home office and need a lawyer who is familiar with the new area. A plan with a network of attorneys nationwide can help.

Local Attorneys Can Be Contacted Immediately

A national network means a local attorney who is part of it can be contacted right away. This professional will provide group legal services as if you were a long time residents of the area. Your membership in the plan provides you with the same level of attention and service that everybody else nationwide gets. This can make relocation a lot less stressful. Closings on new property, filing of required documents with public agencies, help with warranties, and other group legal services will be provided. The attention can include unlimited telephone calls to the attorney in a given situation and face-to-face consultations if that is required. A group legal plan might also allow for correspondence to be written on your behalf by the attorney. That by itself can bring to an end any number of issues. The assistance you receive can be crucial in the new location. Someone who knows the territory can offer the advice you are going to need.

Seamless Administration Is Essential

Settling into the new place can be nerve-racking enough without legal issues. If you need an attorney this person has to be available as soon as possible. Delays never help. A group legal plan that has a responsive network of attorneys is a treasure all by itself. If the administration is such that you receive what you need right away, you really could not ask for more. A plan that provides group legal services nationwide with the same efficient administration anywhere is worth every penny of premium paid.

Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has been providing legal benefits to organizations since 1987. We work with a nationwide network of attorneys who are able to respond immediately to any request for help. They are familiar with a given area, and know how to work with the government agencies. All group plan members are treated the same and get the very best service. Our lawyers will treat relocating plan member as if they were the next-door neighbor. It is the type of service that we insist from attorneys associated with us.

Relocating employees deserve excellent legal service when they needed. We have a reputation for providing that and we have a number of benefit options that make our plans very comprehensive. Please do feel free to contact us to so we can better explain how we help those associates who are relocating for the sake of the company.