Three Things to Know About Warranties

They need to be explainedRead the Fine Print - Magnifying Glass

This is a time of year when those wonderful gizmos received during the holiday season start to go bust. People will buy warranties on appliances that are Christmas gifts with the expectation they will be honored. That is ordinarily what will happen. But not everybody understands the content of the warranty. It is not an unconditional commitment to give repair service. The warranty has very specific language and sometimes the services of a group legal plan are necessary to understand the terms. Here are three things to know about warranties

  1. OEM Parts May be Required

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. When it comes to a warranty this means that the parts used for repair must be originally created by a given manufacturer. The automobile industry has an aftermarket parts option, but those parts are not made to the exact specifications of the OEM parts. Failure to use the OEM products can result in the warranty being void.


  1. The Terms and Conditions of a Warranty Are Specific


Any lawyer will agree that a warranty is a tightly written document. A consumer needs to read the warranty carefully before agreeing to it. Group legal services that include review and interpretation of the warranty can help in this situation. The lawyer can advise a consumer of what the expectations are and what the warranty itself covers. It must be kept in mind is that the warranty is good for a given period of time unless there are extensions allowed. It means that if a person exercises the warranty a day after the expiration date he or she will be disappointed.


The terms or conditions is something that a person needs to know about. A warranty can cost several hundred dollars, and a misunderstanding can make the paper worthless. Group legal services will ordinarily take a look at the terms and conditions. The lawyer designated by the group legal plan will go over the words and note conditions.


3. Warranties Are Covered by Consumer Protection


If there is a problem and it appears the warranty is not going to be honored, consumer protection agencies may have to be brought in. Public entities are intended to protect a person from any fraud situation. Dealing with a public agency can be bewildering for some people, but comprehensive group legal services will include help in dealing with these entities. A lawyer can communicate with the warranty issuer to see if the problem can be resolved without going to a third-party. When all else fails, a lawyer who is part of a group legal plan can help the consumer prepare a case for small claims court. Hopefully, that will not happen.

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