Do Not Assume the Hospital Knows

Living Wills provide Guidance

 Medical Chart

A medical emergency can happen without warning. It may be a terrible accident or a heart attack that renders a person unconscious. It also can put this individual into a coma where communication is impossible. This causes a very serious problem as far as the health care of the person is concerned. A living will is a group legal services benefit that every group legal plan member should seriously consider.

The Hospital Will Not Shut Off Life Support

A hospital is obligated to do everything in its power to keep the patient alive. Unless there are instructions to the contrary, it means the life support systems on a comatose patient will remain in operation. This unconscious person may have health insurance, but that will not cover all of the expenses that can accumulate over time. A living will provides instructions from a plan member about what is to be done should he or she be unable to provide direction. It can stipulate at what point life support systems are to be turned off. The living will also specify what type of medical treatments should be made available, and under what circumstances. All this takes the burden off the shoulders of the healthcare providers. By using this group legal services benefit a person can provide the necessary instructions.

Pressure Is Taken off of the Loved Ones

In extreme situations the family realizes that a person will never again be conscious. What is left instead is a body that is being kept alive. It is an agonizing time for loved ones who would like to have closure. The living will drafted by a group legal plan attorney helps bring that desired ending. The document can indicate when life support system is to be stopped and while the person may continue on, the final cessation of life will eventually come. It is painful but what is worse is if life is prolonged unnecessarily. A group legal plan member can take the burden of anguish and guilt off the shoulders of loved ones with a living will.

Countrywide Uses the Best Professionals

Countrywide Pre- Paid Legal Services has drafted legal plan options since 1987 for all kinds of organizations. We have a network of attorneys who are skilled in areas such as living wills. A plan member can be put in contact with one of these professionals who will draft a living will. Our attorneys are not just chosen for legal knowledge, but also personal skills. The living will is a very sensitive document and a person’s emotions can be tied into this. Our lawyers understand that and go over everything carefully with a group legal plan member. What that person wants to see in the final document is what will be there.

The plan member may have some concerns which need answers. A Countrywide attorney will take as made telephone calls as necessary on a given situation, and face-to-face consultations are also available. Any question regarding living wills and implementation will be answered. The member can be assured that this is a group legal services benefit that is handled the greatest of care in with exact language.

The living will brings closure to a traumatic situation. As it becomes clear that the patient will no longer be conscious, the various steps of the instructions are put into place. These are the wishes of the plan member and the hospital will respect them. Family members and loved ones will know that the final wishes are being carried out. They are then able to move on with their lives.

This is just one of the many group legal services that Countrywide can offer to employees. We have others that are very important in this modern society, and we would welcome the opportunity to explain them in detail. We encourage human resources directors and other decision-makers to contact us about the benefits we are able to provide to the hard-working employees.