Staring at Bankruptcy Countrywide is Here to Help

stockfresh_225020_eraser-and-word-debt_sizeS-300x200People are living through some hard times and may have seen their finances stretched to the limit. Mortgages, rent, credit card balances, and emergency medical bills have made life almost unbearable. Some are facing bankruptcy and others have no choice but to file for it.


Outside help in ending the financial wellness crisis would be fantastic. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has benefits to help people facing bankruptcy. The services will also help those in bankruptcy work their way through it.


Certified Counselors Will Assist


It is not fair to assume that a person facing bankruptcy is irresponsible. Mistakes and emergencies happen and either can cause tremendous damage to an individual’s financial wellness. Countrywide has a network of certified counselors who are experienced in financial problems that confront ordinary people. Bankruptcy is one of them. Our counselors can help a person avoid the trauma of filing.


It is always recommended to have a budget. Too many people live dangerously, going from paycheck to paycheck without any sense of what they are doing. Countrywide will help a financial wellness plan member develop a sensible budget that meets the bills and allows a person to save a little.


Paying on time is the best way to maintain good credit and avoid bankruptcy. Our counselors will give some suggestions on how to be more prompt, such as electronic transfer payments. Whether a person should pay just the minimum or perhaps a little extra is determined by the plan members and circumstances. The Countrywide counselor can develop means of meeting deadlines on time.


Bankruptcy Itself


A plan member who is already at the point at bankruptcy may approach one of our counselors. We do not judge or sermonize; we are here to solve a problem. Bankruptcy may be the only way out of a severe financial wellness emergency. We can assist in getting through the process.


The bankruptcy abuse prevention and protection act of 2005 requires that a person go to credit counseling six months before filing. He or she must also complete a financial management instructional course before their debt is discharged in bankruptcy. Our financial wellness plan provides the debtor education course and counseling. Countrywide can provide the approved agency to issue certificates of completing both.


A Countrywide counselor can also help a person deal with bankruptcy by offering solid advice. We desire to help a person get out of an embarrassing situation as soon as possible. We have a Debt Management Plan that will assist an individual in staying financially solvent.


We Involve the Client in the Financial Wellness


We provide several types of services that will assist an employee in dealing with personal finances. However, we do not try to push one benefit over another. We realize that each client has a unique workforce that has special requirements for service. Countrywide will do its best to provide the best.


We ask the prospective client’s decision-makers to pick what benefits will be part of their employee plan. Our mission is to see to it those benefits are administered efficiently. We have a streamlined process that allows people to get what they need sooner than expected. As we suggested above, we serve the client and the plan members. Our counselors are not stern critics but professionals who want to help. Anyone who deals with a Countrywide counselor is going to feel comfortable in sharing information. That person is also going to appreciate all the service and attention given by Countrywide.


Bankruptcy is a sobering experience, but it does not have to be a life-shattering nightmare. Countrywide counselors give the kind of help an individual needs to recover from bankruptcy and to maintain sound personal finances. If you have any questions about what Countrywide can do, please feel free to call us at your convenience. We want to answer your questions, and we look forward to speaking with you.