Simple Wills and Financial Planning It Pays to Protect Your Estate

stockfresh_2662466_last-will-and-testament-concept-of-estate-planning_sizeS_124228-300x196End of life financial planning is centered on maintaining a person’s estate. Financial products such as burial insurance is intended to protect the estate from funeral expenses and living wills can prevent deductibles from draining away financial assets. The essential part of any end-of-life financial planning is a simple will. It is the best way to keep the probate court from dominating the final distribution.


The Danger of No Will


A person who dies intestate has left this world without leaving behind a will to give instructions on how to distribute the estate. It results in a nightmare that involves probate court to the hilt. The lack of a will means there is no executor, and the court will appoint an administrator of the estate. That unlucky person is answerable to the court and must get court approval for even the smallest actions. It results in the final estate distribution being delayed for months.


Beneficiaries are caught in a bind. Expenses such as college education cannot be covered by the inheritance and other essential costs must wait. It is always better for people to get their inheritance as soon as possible and a simple will help that to happen. Group legal plans promote simple wills as one of their benefits. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services will draft simple wills but with a difference.


Countrywide Attorneys Will Draft Simple Wills


Countrywide has a nationwide network of attorneys and a network attorney practices in the community of a Countrywide client. These lawyers give priority treatment to a Countrywide group legal plan member. They do more than write the document.


The Countrywide lawyer can explain the importance of specific details. One is to remind people they should have updated beneficiaries of 401(k) plans. An estate is more than just cash; there can be collectibles and property involved. The attorney will ask questions about the estate while drafting a simple will. Items such as antiques or family heirlooms can be included in the simple will. The document is no more than six pages long, but that is sufficient for most people. The attorney will also stress the importance of having an executor and ensuring that a person is somebody who the plan member can trust.


Special Pre-Paid Legal Services


Countrywide includes secondary services as part of the group legal plan package. The attorney can write letters and to make telephone calls on behalf of a plan member if necessary. Plan members make telephone an attorney and ask as many questions as they want on a specific subject.


Probably the most essential secondary benefit when it comes to simple wills are the reminders. Countrywide will remind people on an annual basis about updating their will. This is a critical service because beneficiaries may die before the plan member and other life changes may necessitate revising the will. The Countrywide reminders are pre-paid legal services benefit that prevents a lot of future problems.


The Client Participates


The Countrywide client is an active participant in developing a group legal plan. We have several benefit options that help people with ordinary legal situations. We ask clients to determine which of those options is going to be part of their legal benefit. Those selections are included in the final document and Countrywide provides administration of the benefits. We have a streamlined process that guarantees people get the service they need as soon as possible.


We insist that our attorneys have high levels of emotional intelligence and excellent communication skills. Anyone who works with a Countrywide lawyer is made to feel important and all questions are answered.


Employees appreciate the opportunity to have simple wills drafted that will protect their beneficiaries. Our other pre-paid legal services benefits also provide considerable value. If you have any questions about any of our services, please feel free to contact us at your convenience. Countrywide is here to help you provide a great group legal plan benefit for your employees.