Helping a Stressed-Out Mind Remote Workers Can Use Some Relief

stockfresh_765008_help-me-please_sizeM-225x300COVID-19 has changed the working lives of many Americans. The workplace has become a space where facemasks, sanitizers, and newly erected cubicles are used to make people safer. Remote working, doing your business from home and not the office, looks appealing, but it has its drawbacks.


Organizations are starting to discover that there are some serious challenges to having people work outside the office. The interaction that was taken for granted now seems to be more critical. There is daily contact with other people that remote working cannot provide. It adds to a feeling of tension and stress.


Management is developing various strategies to deal with the problems encountered by remote workers. Some of these are as simple as routine telephone calls to supervisors or meetings on Zoom. These are good, but remote workers are still in a sense of isolation. Employee benefits can be used to reduce anxiety. Financial wellness is always something people are concerned about. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services offers a program that can help all employees, especially remote workers, lower the stress levels of money such as dealing with college debt.


Informal Communications Are Reduced with Remote Working


People joke about the water cooler gatherings, but these were sources of internal and informal knowledge sharing. Employees shared financial wellness advice in the break rooms and at their workstations. A remote worker does not have these sources for support. The Human Resources office is just down the hallway, but contact is not as easy from home. Countrywide appreciates how people get worried over their finances. We have a workable solution.


Countrywide Uses Financial Wellness Counselors


Anyone who is already worried about finances does not want to deal with Q&A information on a web page. Countrywide believes that working with a professional is the best way to resolve financial wellness problems.


We have a nationwide network of certified counselors who deal with everyday financial problems experienced by employees. There is a counselor located in the same area as a Countrywide client. These experts are there to assist.


The counselor can include simple things such as developing a workable budget or having an asset inventory done to discover the full value of someone’s possessions. Countrywide counselors can do either one. There are more sophisticated issues such as how to deal with college debt or unexpected medical emergencies. These can jangle anybody’s nerves. The Countrywide counselor can develop answers to any problems.


People want social distancing to protect themselves. The Countrywide counselors will use communication platforms such as Zoom to conduct meetings with financial wellness plan members. It is essential to have empathy and our counselors are recruited for their level of emotional intelligence. They can work efficiently with anybody and help calm down an individual. Countrywide counselors’ suggestions and guidance allow a person to see the financial picture better. The remedies our experts come up with have been proven to help plan members feel better about their money condition.


The Client Is Involved


Organizations want to help employees adapt to the new normal. The decision-makers expect to have benefits that everybody can use and Countrywide respects that objective. We ask our client organizations to tell us what financial wellness options they want in their plan document. Countrywide will include all the selections without trying to push one option over another. We have a streamlined administration that sees people get the help they need as soon as possible. Clients can expect that their employees will receive high-quality attention and very efficient service. Countrywide is committed to providing both.


There will be a day when coronavirus is no longer an emergency, but remote working is probably here to stay. Dealing with issues of isolation is a challenge that management must meet. The Countrywide benefits can assist in lowering the blood pressure of those who work from a distance. If you have any questions about our services, feel free to contact us at your convenience. We want to provide the benefits your employees need, no matter where they are doing the work.