Winning Government Services Countrywide Helps You Score the Goals

stockfresh_8590344_senior-businessman-calling-on-smartphone-in-city_sizeS-300x200Election time is usually crazy, and it is not easy to get help from public agencies. Public employees are often preoccupied with all the campaign noise. The problem typically lasts for a few weeks, but the real difficulties appear after January 1. That is when new laws and regulations often take effect.


Changes can be confusing. New deadlines and procedures will take some time to get used to, and government agencies might be slow to respond to service requests. Anyone who needs help can get very annoyed with the delays. Remote workers who were already trying to cope with work changes might experience more significant stress. Group legal plans ought to have services that will help, but not all do. That is not the case with us.


Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services helps with government agencies. We cut through the red tape to allow our group legal plan members to get what they need from the bureaucrats.


Getting to the Heart of the Matter


Public employees must follow specific guidelines. There is little leeway and deadlines are strictly enforced. New policies and procedures will take time to learn, and implementing those changes are not easy.


Countrywide has a nationwide network of attorneys who furnish pre-paid legal services. These legal experts practice social distancing and practice law in communities where our clients are located.


Delays happen when folks do not understand the process. Countrywide lawyers deal with public agencies all the time. They have already studied the revisions and can counsel plan members on how to get government services. An individual might not be aware of new deadlines and Countrywide will share that information. Things run smoothly whenever Countrywide is involved.


Working Hard to Get Needed Government Support


Employees might need help with immigration, tutors for disabled children, or help with heating bills. Countrywide supports the efforts with excellent pre-paid legal services. Our attorneys can write letters and make telephone calls on behalf of the group legal plan member. The same attorneys can use their established connections to make things easier.


We know that people have many questions about government, and a plan member is allowed to ask as many questions as necessary on any given subject. By the way, these questions can be asked after a meeting with a Countrywide lawyer. People can be assured that Countrywide lawyers are not arrogant barristers. They listen carefully to whatever a plan member has to say. We insist on high levels of emotional intelligence from our attorneys and we are happy to say they comply with that request. Our clients have always been impressed with the way their employees are treated.


We Offer More Than Help with Government Agencies


Everyday legal work, such as drafting simple wills or helping with consumer protection, are some of the benefit options. We have others and we understand that not all our choices are what the client organization needs. We ask the decision-makers to determine what Countrywide options will be part of their group legal plan. 


We provide the administration and make sure that attorneys respond to any request. If we need to make referrals outside of our network for special lot needs, we will make them and insist that our plan members receive discounts for that requested help.


It often seems that you cannot win when you are dealing with government. You can win and get the government services you need if Countrywide is there to help you. Our lawyers have a reputation for getting the job done. Getting needed service from the government is not an impossible goal to achieve. Countrywide will help you get that government assistance.


If you have any questions about our group legal plan services, please feel free to contact us at your convenience. We have the kind of benefits plan that helps people win in common legal issues and we are happy to explain them to anyone. We provide the kind of pre-paid legal services your employees will appreciate.