Better Financial Management is Possible Countrywide Helps Balance Personal Ledgers

stockfresh_7560715_multitasking-woman_sizeS-300x300Making money is always exciting but managing it can be frightening. Employees appreciate being paid and, ordinarily, the wages received are sufficient to cover daily living expenses. Managing financial resources should not be difficult, but sometimes people lose control of their money, which creates problems.


How Is It Being Spent?


Folks know where the money is coming from because it shows up on payday. What happens next can be a mystery for those who lived from paycheck to paycheck. Somehow, a person is in trouble only days after receiving wages.


It happens when there is no budget process to a person’s financial management. Bills are paid when they come in and a person will try to be smart and pay more than necessary on a given credit card bill. Simple luxuries such as going out to eat every other night can increase the debt load. Many young employees are faced with college debt payments. 


These can be the size of a mortgage and an inexperienced young person does not know how to deal with the cost. Medical emergencies can present a challenging financial situation. The financial wellness of an employee rests on knowing where the money is going. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services can help.


Allow Financial Wellness Experts to Assist


We have a benefit that will help employees get their financial world in order. Our services’ foundation is a nationwide network of certified counselors with at least one Countrywide counselor in the community of a Countrywide client.


It is easy to set up a meeting with a Countrywide counselor and be assured that social distancing will be employed. A counselor has the responsibility of helping financial wellness plan members make sense out of the dollars. Budget analysis is the primary tool our counselors will use. The counselor will work with a financial wellness plan member to better understand how to allocate money. Responsibilities such as credit cards and college debt are better administered because of the guidance provided by the Countrywide counselor.


Helping Negotiate Dark Times


Unfortunately, some plan members are facing foreclosure or bankruptcy. Stress can cause an individual to make the wrong decisions. A Countrywide counselor understands foreclosure and bankruptcy and knows ways to handle the situation better. Sometimes it takes the ability to negotiate with creditors sensibly. Our counselor can show a stressed-out person how to address either financial crisis, instructing the plan member how to negotiate better terms.


Employers Are Involved


Countrywide respects the importance of decision-makers in developing a financial wellness plan. We want a benefit that everyone can use in an organization, and employers know their demographics. We will explain all our wellness options and let the client decide the ones in the organization’s plan. Our responsibility is to administer it and see that our counselors provide service with high levels of empathy and courtesy. No one is treated like a fool or a child by Countrywide.


Remote working arrangements are becoming more common and a person isolated from the office may have severe anxiety because of personal financial problems. Our financial wellness program is there to help this person handle challenging financial situations. Our assistance tells this person that even though management may be miles away, the organization cares deeply about that individual’s welfare. It reduces the sense of isolation and lets a hard-working employee know that he or she is appreciated.


Our benefits also help a person save those significant expenses, such as buying a house. Our counselors deal with ordinary financial dilemmas and offer meaningful help to someone who is having trouble stretching a paycheck to meet all bills. If you have any questions about what we offer, please contact us at your convenience. We can reduce a lot of the stress and anxiety that your employees may be suffering from.