Stopping an Identity Theft Fast!

Quick Response Ends the Emergency

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One would think that with better firewalls and Internet security systems identity theft should be a thing of the past. It isn’t because the thieves just got smarter. They are now calling people directly at home, alerting folks to “problems” with their home computers and asking for information to help correct the situation. People who are trusting provide all kinds of financial information, and find out later that their financial security has been compromised. ID theft is a major shock that can disrupt a person’s entire life. Companies who are employee sensitive realize the catastrophe and providing for identity theft is sensible part of a comprehensive group legal plan.

A Terrible Disaster

Anyone who is the victim of identity theft feels vulnerable and violated. It is extremely difficult to concentrate on work assignments as the worry of financial loss mounts. It can take months to correct the damage done to a person’s credit rating. It may require telephone calls and time off from work trying to file the proper paperwork and stop further use of stolen information. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services is aware of how ID theft can damage the productivity of a hard-working person. We provide identity theft/credit monitoring as a part of a group legal services benefit that can put an immediate end to the emergency.

The Right Service Needed

A victim of ID theft needs more than just sympathy. Tools have to be available that can allow this person to regain financial footing as soon as possible. Countrywide offers the kind of assistance needed. We use a credit monitoring plan which employs three top reporting agencies (Experian™, Equifax™, and TransUnion™). A Countrywide group legal plan member whose benefit includes ID theft protection will stop almost immediately any compromise of financial information. Being able to move swiftly can prevent more hemorrhaging of bank accounts or credit cards. Countrywide doesn’t stop there, however. We understand how expensive correcting things can be. It is why there is also a $25,000 identity theft insurance policy. This will help cover all the expenses related to the filings and other paperwork necessary to restore financial confidence.

Countrywide provides proactive legal assistance. If the employer wants to have a comprehensive group legal plan, other group legal services can include the help of Countrywide attorneys to move the process along. A plan member would have access to the legal expertise needed to properly file reports, get the right help from government agencies, and essentially get things back to normal as soon as possible. A wide-ranging group legal services benefit that includes ID theft protection from Countrywide is one of the better ways of ending the nightmare.

Great Administration Of Benefits

Identity theft has to be dealt with as soon as possible. Quick service is definitely one of the qualities of a Countrywide group legal plan benefit. It is all deliberately designed to provide needed service right away. Group legal services plan members are able to get the process rolling as soon as they find out that there has been a breach of security. The value cannot be understated. The thief is stopped from further exploiting the employee, and that brings a sigh of relief. Management gets a person who is now better focused on task, and has also earned that individual’s gratitude for all the help in a crisis. A major problem is efficiently solved, thanks to what Countrywide has to offer.

ID theft can be avoided and its damage stopped in a hurry. Countrywide offers the protection from such information vandals. A Countrywide group legal benefit plan can be designed for an employer with other options as well.

We can discuss all we have that can be of service to an employer of any size. Please feel free to contact us today for more information.