Supporting Consumer Protection

Legal Services Provide the Right Help

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You have a right to expect a certain level of quality in anything you purchase. That is pretty much the essence of consumer protection. Faulty and deficient items are not meant to be on the market. They can cause accidents and even serious injuries. A consumer faces one major problem in dealing with such merchandise. The process of filing a complaint is not easy. There are forms to be completed, evidence to be provided, and a procedure that must be followed carefully. Unethical retailers know this and don’t get too worried about consumer protection complaints. They realize that many people give up halfway through the process. However, assistance from a group legal plan can help move the complaint forward to a positive resolution.

It Can Be Difficult

There are standard procedures that have to be followed in the filing of any consumer complaint. This means forms have to be completed and deadlines must be met. There also has to be evidence presented. This can be a very difficult process to understand. Having support of an attorney is going to be important and good pre-paid legal services include help consumer protection cases. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services offers this kind of benefit option.

Providing all the Service

No one should be forced to accept poor quality merchandise or endure bad service. Countrywide wishes to be able to assist a plan member in a legitimate consumer protection complaint. Our group legal plan benefits are unique because of the multifaceted options. What this means is that our pre-paid legal services benefit will have standard qualities, but the options complement each other. They do not stand alone. We provide help with consumer protection but we also have assistance with the legal documents, and working with the public agencies. Countrywide attorneys understand how to deal with the bureaucracy. Telephone calls will be made on behalf of the plan member, and face to face consultations are allowed. We do all of this because there is more to consumer protection than just filling out a form. A plan member can expect to receive a variety of services that all point to a resolution of a problem. What starts out as a maze of paper becomes a clear path thanks to Countrywide guidance. The chances of a successful resolution dramatically increase when a Countrywide lawyer is present.

You Design Your Plan

Countrywide has worked with all kinds of organizations and we do not insist on a boilerplate document. We allow our clients to choose what options will be part of their group legal plan. We believe that is the best way to service the employees. We do encourage organizations take a serious look at all of the pre-paid legal services we provide. More often than not the various options support each other. For example, the consumer protection option is helped by the contract interpretation option. If the matter requires approaching small claims court, Countrywide can assist. Everything is meant to better help end a problem. This being said, we wish to let decision makers know that whatever they finally decide will be the plan document is what will be in the text. There will be no compromise about the service. We provide the very best.

Great Benefits for Hard Working Employees

Processing a consumer protection complaint is not always easy and a person can get very frustrated. Our legal experts can provide the kind of assistance necessary to expedite the process. All of our services are meant to make what looks difficult much, much easier. We invite organizations to ask us any questions about all of our group legal plan services. We will provide the answers and show how we can help employees.