Tackling Health Care Bills

They Can Be Easily Handled


Congress is still debating over healthcare, and we will not know for months what the final results will be. The debates do not stop medical bills from accumulating. These expenses can be significant. No matter what insurance a person may currently have, some deductibles must be met. There are also situations where certain types of coverage are not available in the insurance policy.

The Expense Can Stagger Anybody

The cost coming out of the person’s pocket can be in the thousands of dollars for a given surgical procedure. The same goes for any physical therapy. The mounting debt can threaten a person’s financial wellness. Assistance is needed to help make sense of the bills, and find ways to make payments without going bankrupt.

Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services understands the strain medical bills can put on a family budget. There are ways to finance the medical costs, and we provide the kind of advice needed. Our nationwide network of certified counselors deal with problems of medical debt all the time

Countrywide Counselors Give Needed Support

It is easy to set up an appointment with a Countrywide counselor. This person knows the financial wellness plan member gets priority over other clients and a meeting is easy to arrange. Any counseling will start with a budget analysis. The Countrywide counselor will look at expenses and income, and then help determine the best way to address the medical debt. Suggestions are made which point out how the plan member can resolve the problem. Some of the ideas may not have been considered by the plan member before. It can be a pleasant surprise to discover healthcare providers are not interested in sending bill collectors after anyone. It can be relatively straightforward to set up a payment plan. The counselor can also recommend possible assistance from public agencies, and contact with the health insurance company to see if a claim can be resubmitted.

The counselor also is considered in addition to being knowledgeable. Giving advice and support is more important than a lecture. People with medical bill problems can be embarrassed or be quite anxious. Their feelings are important, and a Countrywide financial wellness counselor will move carefully. We are proud of the fact that many whom we serve have complemented on the empathy they receive.

Advice on medical bills is not the only financial wellness benefit we provide. We also can help with credit card debt, managing college loans, and even education buying a house. Decision-makers know best what is suited for their employees. We permit clients to decide what benefit options be part of the financial wellness plan. Our wish is to offer a service that will help as many employees as possible. We provide the superior customer service and quick administration any countrywide client can expect.

Calming Troubled Waters

People can be shocked when they receive an EOB (Explanation of Benefits) in the mail. The thought of paying thousands of dollars for an emergency room visit or medical treatment can be terrifying. Countrywide wants to calm the fears and provide the solutions. Our counselors can assist in making sense of the cost, and determine a way to meet the expense.

Making the right decision requires knowing more about each option. A few of our financial wellness choices may not appear to be best suited for the workforce, and others are what employees need. Explaining our benefits is what we would like to do for you. We are happy to explain in greater detail what we have to offer that can make life easier for employees. We encourage decision-makers to get in touch with us as soon as possible and ask as many questions as you wish. What we offer is a definite benefit for all e