It Takes More Than a Telephone Call

Government Agencies Have Certain ProceduresWoman in home office with computer using telephone frowning

Public agencies are intended to help people. Tax dollars are spent to make things easier, but bureaucracy can make things tough. Public employees are required to follow certain procedures and various forms need to be completed. It often happens a person just gives up out of frustration. It is not always simple to deal with public agencies, and a group legal plan can help.

Delays will happen if a person does not understand the procedures public agencies must follow. Valuable pre-paid legal services would include having someone to interpret all the guidelines. That way, the entire process moves much faster. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has been offering help to organizations since 1987. Our group legal plan options include supporting people as they work with public agencies.

Having assistance close at hand is crucial. Trying to get help from a lawyer who is 100 miles away does no good in a local situation. Countrywide has a nationwide network of attorneys, and there’s one in the neighborhood. He or she can provide the guidance necessary to get things done on time.

Helping to Educate

Frankly, part of the pre-paid legal services is education. People need to understand public agencies better so that there’s less difficulty dealing with them. A Countrywide attorney allows a group legal plan member to make as many telephone calls to the office as necessary on a given situation. Furthermore, a face-to-face consultation is always available. The communication allows the lawyer to instruct the person better about what has to be done. The long-term consequence is the plan member has a better understanding of how to get results from a public agency. It is highly possible that this particular benefit from a group legal plan is only used once.

It does not mean that the overall plan is never used again. An excellent benefit contains a number of options which can be used whenever the need arises. Countrywide believes it is important that all of the choices in the plan are used by as many employees as possible. While we have worked with many types of organizations, we confess that we do not know the demographics and needs of any given group. We permit our clients to choose what pre-paid legal services benefits will be part of the overall plan. It allows a program that is more in line with the population who will be using it. The Countrywide program is consequently not something that gathers dust on the shelf.

Benefits That All Can Use

The final plan design is what the decision-makers want to see in the benefit. No matter what the final composition appears to be, Countrywide will provide superior service. Our lawyers are selected not just for legal expertise alone. Excellent people skills are what we are looking for in every attorney. Those who demonstrate that they can deal with all kinds of individuals are the ones included in our national network. A company with offices all over the country will know that the same high level of personal service is going to be delivered no matter where the employee happens to be located.

Public agencies do not have to be remote or frightening places. These tax funded entities are intended to be of service to the public. Countrywide helps plan members get service from government agencies in addition to other forms of assistance. We welcome the opportunity to explain all of our options to interested parties, and we encourage you to contact us at your earliest convenience. We are positive you will discover that Countrywide provides the kind of group legal benefits that are well suited to help employees face current challenges successfully.