Taking a Closer Look Countrywide Reviews Legal Documents

stockfresh_7251761_consultant-showing-document-to-couple_sizeS-300x200The year is coming to an end and many people have a few things left on the bucket list. Various legal documents might need signing. These include leases, service contracts, and miscellaneous agreements. Warranties might be part of the holiday shopping list. These legal papers may be a bit confusing and there can be traps hidden by legalese and jargon.


A Wall of Uncertainty


Legal documents are written in a specific way and use words that are rarely spoken daily. Some folks will get flustered trying to decipher the terms. They signed the document just to get that chore out of the way. This can be a terrible mistake.


There are obligations buried in the sentences. Penalties for noncompliance are there, as well. Those who sign in haste will indeed repent at leisure. A valuable pre-paid legal services benefit that group legal plans can offer is document review. That permits a group legal plan member to have a lawyer look at the papers before they are signed. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services offers legal document review as a plan benefit.


Legal Documents Reviewed by an Expert


Countrywide knows the value of direct service. We have a nationwide network of attorneys ready to help. Countrywide’s network is designed so there is at least one attorney in the community of a Countrywide client. The attorney gives our group legal plan members priority status.


Checking the Language


Countrywide encourages everyone to have an attorney review a legal document before it is signed. The Countrywide lawyer will review up to six pages of text, which is sufficient for most people.


Our attorneys will inspect the language and interpret the words for a group legal plan member. Any red flags are immediately reported. There may be some problems that need further clarification. Countrywide legal professionals can write letters on legal stationery and make telephone calls for plan members. These forms of outreach will gather the required information that is necessary to clear up most problems.


Safety and Empathy


There are services included in a Countrywide group legal plan that are there regardless of any benefit options. Our attorneys practice social distancing when dealing with an individual. No one should worry about contagion. We also are firm believers in strong emotional intelligence.


Folks are shy about working with an attorney because they do not understand the law, and some are embarrassed to ask for an explanation. Our lawyers work with everyday legal concerns. They know that plan members are not familiar with the law. No one is given a lecture or a sermon by one of our attorneys.


Instead, the Countrywide attorney listens carefully to a person’s concerns and then explains the service to be provided. We encourage plan members to ask as many questions as they want. If there are questions after a meeting, the plan member may make as many telephone calls to the attorney on a given subject as necessary. We try to encourage people to take full advantage of our benefits.


With the Help of the Decision-Makers


We frankly do not know what the needs are of a prospective client’s workforce. We ask employers to help design the best benefit plan. We explain all our options, and the client chooses which services will be part of their pre-paid legal services plan. We provide five-star member services and a streamlined administration to get things done. We do not want anyone to have to wait for what they need from Countrywide.


If you have any questions about our benefits, please feel free to contact us at your convenience. Many employees could use a little help with legal issues, and we are here to give the pre-paid legal services they deserve.