We Use the Right Tools Countrywide Can Fix Financial Problems

stockfresh_2912650_what-do-i-do-now-thinking-person-thinker-question_sizeS-297x300Personal finances are preoccupying many employees. A person may be doing well but still is worried about the money. Will he or she make enough to get to the end of the month? Can those major bills such as college debt be paid promptly? Are penalties assessed for late payments? Concern about cash can distract a hard-working employee from critical work projects. Countrywide has a program that deals with financial wellness. We enhance the quality of our services by using the right tools.


Assessing Cash Flow and Value


Sensible planning requires understanding cash flow. No one should live from paycheck to paycheck, but people do this because they don’t know where the money is going. Countrywide’s nationwide network of certified counselors will help end the confusion.


These financial professionals will perform a budget analysis for the financial wellness plan member. The ebb and tide of cash flow are examined and counselors will determine where some adjustments can be made to make it easier to pay bills and put aside money for later. The plan member finally has an idea of how he or she spends the money earned.


There are some oversized ticket items that an employee would like to buy. Property is one of them and mortgages take out a large piece of anybody’s income. The larger the down payment, the smaller the mortgage obligation. It is essential to know how much of a mortgage someone can afford.


There may be specific assets that a person can cash in to supply the money needed for a large down payment. These include stocks, bonds, old insurance policies, and even collectibles. Countrywide counselors have no problem doing asset inventories for the financial wellness plan member. It is interesting what comes up in these assessments of overall asset value. People are pleasantly surprised that they are worth much more than they ever imagined.


The Best Help in an Emergency


The quarantines and lockdowns created a financial crisis for many individuals. It is sad, but many were caught in a severe money crunch and had trouble paying the bills. Countrywide has the tools needed to change the situation.


We have a Debt Management Plan that helps people resolve the issues. It costs a little more, but it provides the counseling and assistance anyone needs to regain financial wellness. Anyone in desperate straits is going to appreciate this little extra help that Countrywide offers.


Those facing bankruptcy and foreclosure can turn to Countrywide for advice and guidance in such terrible times. Our counselors are there to suggest ways to file for bankruptcy properly and to avoid foreclosure. It is the kind of help that provides enormous benefits for people against the wall financially.


The Right People


Countrywide counselors are seasoned professionals who help ordinary people with their financial wellness situation. There is something else that our counselors have, and that is emotional intelligence.


We recruit our counselors for their people skills. A Countrywide counselor has the empathy and sensitivity to help individuals who are stuck in a problem. We know it is not easy to get out of a mess and we will patiently help anyone who is trying to balance their budgets.


We asked decision-makers to help us decide what financial wellness benefits will be part of the program. We explain all of our service options carefully and respond to every question. The client knows what the employees need and we respect such knowledge. We will include the selections in the final plan document, and we provide superior member services and streamlined administration that gets results and provides assistance as soon as possible.


Countrywide has a combination of the right tools and the right people to make a difference. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at your convenience. We believe we have a benefits program that all of your associates will benefit from having and we welcome the opportunity to explain it.