The Curse of the Living Dead A Strong Case for a Living Will

o-POWER-OF-ATTORNEY-facebook-300x200It might sound like the title for a low-budget horror film, but the reality is much worse. A comatose person, referred to as a flat liner by the medical staff, can be in a vegetative state for months and possibly years. It creates hell on earth for the family.


Living but Not Really Alive


It can be the result of a severe accident or heart attack among other sources. An unresponsive individual in a coma can give doctors no instructions about what treatment is to be administered and whether the life support system should be turned off. Healthcare providers are not going to second-guess anyone; they will keep an individual alive unless notified otherwise.


The family confronts the agony of watching what is going on. The chances of their loved one ever reviving are almost nil, but the body is still living. The estate and even life insurance policies cannot be touched until the patient breathes the last breath. It is a terrible nightmare to watch. 


Group legal plans should have services that include drafting living wills and medical powers of attorney. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has such a benefit offering for organizations to think about.


Bring a Resolution to a Bad Situation


Countrywide uses a nationwide network of attorneys to assist group legal plan members. The living will and medical powers of attorney are two separate items that can resolve a tragic case.


The way this pre-paid legal services benefit is provided is straightforward. A group legal plan member sits down with a Countrywide attorney (who practices social distancing) and discusses the living will’s drafting. The document includes what treatments are not to be used and this is important. The member might have certain religious convictions that should be respected, and any procedure that goes against a person’s faith can be prevented with the living will’s language.


Medical powers of attorney are about decision-making. There must be somebody who will provide instructions to the healthcare facility on what should be done. This can include turning off life support. Medical powers of attorney designate one person to make the decisions that the group legal plan member wants to be done.


The benefits of a living will and medical powers of attorney center on closure. No one would want to have loved ones suffer or be deprived of the estate benefits. A crisis that has gone beyond any hope of positive change can be ended with instructions from the documents. It is better than having the patient linger in a state of limbo.


Living Will Empathy


Any decision to terminate a loved one’s life is painful and drafting the authorizing document is not easy. Our attorneys have superior people skills. They will listen patiently to a plan member’s concerns, educate that person about the legal requirements, and then prepare the living will and medical powers of attorney. All interactions with a plan member are performed with courtesy and respect.


Clients Draft the Benefit


We want to offer a benefit that everyone in an organization can use. We ask the client to tell us what the employees can use when it comes to group legal plan benefits. We will explain all our pre-paid legal services carefully and answer all the questions decision-makers ask. The selections the employer makes will be included in the final plan document. We will provide the services and the administration that guarantees a quick response. We have a Countrywide attorney in the community of every client organization that makes contact much more straightforward.


Tragedy can come like a shot in the dark and is usually unexpected. We can help a person be ready for what happens. Living wills and medical powers of attorney are both benefits that members can use, and their family members will appreciate. If you have any questions about our pre-paid legal services, please feel free to contact us at your convenience. We will gladly answer all your questions.