Taking Care of the Details

A good legal services benefit covers the small things

It is no exaggeration when it comes to legal matters that the devil is in the details. It is the small things such as a clause in a contract or an administrative procedure that was overlooked that causes some of the worst problems. An employee inexperienced in the nuances of the law can quickly be trapped in a maze of legal trivia. Things that may seem very insignificant to that person can stop the legal process in its tracks, requiring considerable time and effort to get started again. It is no wonder that many people during working hours are preoccupied with minor legal concerns which unexpectedly got out of control. A good employee paid benefit for legal services can take care of minor legal procedures as well as major issues.

A Few of the Small Things

The service rendered in such a voluntary benefit can be as simple as reviewing a contract. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services offers such assistance as part of the Personal Legal Protector Plan we offer to employers. Consumer protection advice may seem a small matter to some people, but anyone who has purchased a defective product understands how difficult it can be to get a replacement. Legal advice on how to best deal with government agencies can be extremely important. An employee paid benefit that helps a plan member to fill out a form properly saves an awful lot of time and headache. Members of a voluntary benefit plan often have questions that need answers. Countrywide attorneys will provide unlimited telephone consultation that goes a long way in soothing anxious minds. These attorneys understand that the smallest things can be the greatest source of worry for plan members. It is why our legal professionals handle each situation with courtesy and respect. We take great pride in the interpersonal skills that our attorneys demonstrate, and we have received a number of compliments for their professional demeanor and genuine concern.

Reduced Stress Increases Efficiency

Human resources fully understands how anxious distraction can have a negative impact on productivity. A talented employee working on a high stress project with tight deadlines needs to stay focused on the matter at hand. The last thing he or she needs is a legal conundrum that causes considerable stress. Having competent attorneys handle the nagging little details is one of the best services a Countrywide employee paid benefit plan offers. Having a professional write necessary letters enables an employee to refocus attention on business. Telephone calls made by a Countrywide attorney means the aggravation of dealing with a stubborn landlord or bureaucrat is done by someone else. The stress flashes caused by legal problems are drastically reduced when a Countrywide voluntary benefit for legal services is made available to the employees. We know from our experience just how much plan members appreciate having the assistance.

Countrywide recognizes that organizations have different needs and concerns when it comes to benefits. We have developed employee paid benefit plans since 1987, and these services have been offered to organizations of all sizes. Recognizing that the needs of an employer may be unique to the organization, Countrywide is very flexible in the design of any voluntary benefit for the employees. We can definitely create a tailor-made plan for any employer.

Reducing anxiety also means eliminating problems of presenteeism in the workforce. We have a number of benefit options that can help voluntary benefit plan members better deal with all kinds of legal matters, both big and small. What we offer is easy to administer and provides the right kind of assistance to any plan member. We welcome any inquiry about our services and what we can provide to an organization.

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