Managing a Small Claims Dispute

Legal assistance helps secure a just settlement

Small claims court is that branch of the judicial system with which most people have contact. Depending on the state, the monetary limit for any tort is $3000-$5000. This is a court that has a specific set of rules and requires a correct amount of evidence to process a case. Perhaps the most frustrating thing about small claims court is that an attorney is rarely present, and the individual must plead his or her case alone. It can be a very time-consuming process. An individual will have to go through the evidence and understand how it has to be processed. The problem for employer is that the employee may be spending time on the job doing the needed research. That is time taken away from top priority projects.

Doing the Research and Preparing the Paperwork

An employee paid benefit that helps with a small claims dispute is definitely a timesaver. A Countrywide lawyer prepares the evidence necessary to present the case properly. The attorney also coaches the plan member on how to present information and what to say. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services offers voluntary benefit plans that provide for such legal expertise. The attorneys who are part of the Countrywide network of legal help thoroughly understand the workings of small claims courts. These people can get needed paperwork processed in a timely fashion with no errors in the details. This allows a voluntary benefit plan member to stay focused on work, and not have to make phone calls regarding the case during office hours.

One frustrating problem about a small claims dispute is that the court will make a decision, but it is the responsibility of the plaintiff to collect any award. The attorney in an employee paid benefit offered by Countrywide can help with the paperwork. He or she can see to it that what is necessary to place a lien against the defendant’s property or even garnish wages is properly filed. While such administrative action may seem to be a harsh, it is a necessary part of a voluntary benefit plan offering legal services. A plan member should not have to take time away from work to pursue what has rightfully been awarded.

Superior customer service

A member of any employee paid benefit plan has every right to expect the best possible customer service. Our attorneys are made aware of this, and understand how important it is that any Countrywide voluntary plan benefit is provided with the human touch. The attorneys will patiently explain to an individual the ins and outs of small claims court, and a plan member has the right to make as many telephone calls as necessary to process the dispute. Everyone who is part of a Countrywide voluntary benefit plan is treated with courtesy and respect. Human resources directors who have worked with us in the past have commented on the positive experience employees have had with our attorneys. We consider empathy as important as expertise in all of our employee paid benefit plans.

Countrywide has designed voluntary benefit plans for companies, trade unions,
associations, and many other types of organizations. We are flexible enough to provide exactly what the employer wants. Human resources will be glad that an employee is not bothered with small claims issues at work. That a Countrywide benefit is easy to administer will also be something human resources will value.

Countrywide also offers other benefits that an employer may want to consider. These include ID theft/monitoring, and other legal services that will help an employee better work within the legal system on important matters. We welcome the opportunity to explain our services in greater detail, and encourage employers and human resources directors to get in contact with us.

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