Settling Landlord Disputes

Renters are not at the mercy of the lease

Companies will hire top-quality people and have them relocate to the home office or to a branch office many miles away. People are willing to relocate for the right opportunity, and moving to a new place can be very exciting. However, there are a few challenges that may surface. Employees in new locations may be renting an apartment or house, and have to deal with rental agreements and leases. Most landlords are highly reputable but some may want to take advantage of the situation. They can require a person to sign a lease that is not in his or her best interests. The result can be disputes over leases and rental agreements that can be very frustrating. These documents also require an employee to be away from the office and that disrupts business.

Contract Review Service

An employee paid benefit that permits a review of contracts and leases provides an excellent service. Plan members can have an attorney review an apartment lease prior to signing, and that way there is a better understanding of what is going to be required of the renter. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services includes contract review as part of a voluntary benefit covering legal services. The lawyers who are part of the Countrywide network have extensive background in contractual law, and can point out specifics that an employee paid benefit plan member might not notice. This can stop disputes before they happen. Human resources wants to cut down on rates of absenteeism, and is very much aware that haggling over leases can lead to days off to settle the problem. Days out of the office are reduced when a lawyer is involved.

The Supporting Benefits Help

A Countrywide employee paid benefit doesn’t stop with just contract review. Countrywide offers other options for a voluntary benefit plan emphasizing legal assistance. The Personal Legal Protector Plan has a number of features that can bring swift resolution to any difficulty regarding rented property. If a landlord is being unreasonable or in blatant violation of landlord/tenant statutes, a telephone call or letter from an attorney has a way of a making a landlord behave a bit more reasonably. The plan member doesn’t even have to take time away from work to visit with the attorney. A Countrywide voluntary benefit plan covering legal services can allow for unlimited telephone calls, so a question or discussion that might involve hours can be handled in a matter of a few minutes. The convenience for a busy employee is considerable, and allows a person to get back to the corporate business at hand quickly.

Rental lease disputes can be extremely frustrating, and a person’s nerves can get frayed. Legal professionals who are associated with Countrywide understand, and they will provide service with a high degree of courtesy and respect. Plan members of a Countrywide employee paid benefit plan will receive not only the best legal advice but also superior customer service. It is something we expect of everyone who is part of our team.

Human resources doesn’t want to see newly relocated employees caught in a web of legalese. A voluntary benefit that brings an end to a housing problem means less distraction at work, and fewer instances of absenteeism. Countrywide has provided voluntary benefit plans for all types of organizations since 1987. We will gladly work with any employer to fashion a group legal plan that will provide the best service to all employees in the organization. We would welcome the opportunity to be of service and encourage employers and human resources directors to contact us about all of our benefit options.

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