Effective Help can Safeguard Productivity

Group legal plans can defuse a crisis

Human resources directors of any organization are keenly aware of the need to keep productivity at acceptable levels. Competition is fierce, and there is a need to have employees working as efficiently as possible throughout the working day. Hiring top-quality employees is part of maintaining heightened productivity but it takes more than just having smart warm bodies. Emergencies and domestic crisis can distract an employee working on a time sensitive project. It is critically important to have resources necessary to allow sudden problems to be routed to the attention of an outside professional, and thus permit the employee to continue concentrating on the work at hand. A group legal plan can provide expert help when a crisis arises.

Alarm Bells

Home emergencies can throw a serious wrench into the works. Even if the employee does not take time off to attend to the issue, he or she may be making telephone calls or sending messages that are related to this sudden issue. Because legal matters can be so important, the employee’s concentration is affected and he or she starts to worry about potential consequences. Legal services are an employee paid benefits plan that can help relieve an individual’s distress. A good one can provide access to a network of attorneys that will take on a plan member’s problem and correct things. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services designs the kind of group legal plan benefits that provide professional services for people caught in legal troubles.

Human resources will appreciate how positive an impact such an employee paid benefits plan has on productivity. Countrywide lawyers will make necessary phone calls for employees, and write correspondence for them as well. A valued employee who is preoccupied with a legal contract no longer has to worry about the details, because a Countrywide attorney will review the contract for any pitfalls. Drafting wills and powers of attorney documents can be done by legal professionals as part of the group legal plan, and that is one less thing to occupy the attention of a team player.

Service with Empathy and Competence

Employee frustration with poorly administered benefits can be just as distracting as the initial emergency. Human resources directors have every right to expect that any employee paid benefit plan treats its plan members with respect, and provides excellent service. The attorneys who are part of any legal services designed by
Countrywide are chosen for their legal knowledge but also their interpersonal skills as well. Any member of a Countrywide employee paid benefits plan can expect to be treated with courtesy and their problems dealt with immediately. Once an issue has been handed over to a Countrywide attorney, an employee can begin to stop worrying about it. The attorney will work on the problem and at the same time keep the plan member informed. Both the performance and the communication services of a Countrywide group legal plan lower the blood pressure of any person. He or she is thus better able to pay attention to pressing, office projects.

Routing emergencies to a competent third party is how a good employee paid benefits plan helps improve productivity. The workload in human resources in itself is not affected, because administration of a Countrywide legal benefit is extremely easy. To help an employer offer something of unique value to employees, Countrywide will be happy to tailor any plan to better suit the needs of the organization. All of this will of course come with excellent customer service and a sincere interest in solving any pressing legal problem. We have other benefit options human resources may want to consider as part of a comprehensive employee benefits program. We welcome the opportunity to explain these in greater detail, and please do feel free to contact us.

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