Taming the Debt Monster – It is Possbile



Let’s face it, social media is a blessing and a curse. The platforms allow us to access a world of opportunity and knowledge. They also invite us to increase our debt, by making it easy to purchase items that we may not necessarily need.

The same is true for plastic. Credit and debit cards permit us to go around without having a lot of cash in our wallets. Retailers know that people who shop with plastic will buy a little bit more and they encourage the use. These bills are in addition to traditional debt such as mortgages and car loans. It comes as no surprise that financial wellness comes under threat from these conveniences. It does not take long before somebody is drowning in a sea of red ink.

The anxiety resulting from debt will pressure a person into making the wrong decisions. For example, Millennials may ignore their college loan payments and other people may consider bankruptcy when it is not necessary. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services knows the danger of the debt monster. We offer a financial wellness plan to employers so that they can better help beleaguered employees.

What Do You Have?

Knowledge is the foundation of financial wellness. If you know what you have, what you are earning, and how you are spending it, you have a better chance of stabilizing your finances. Countrywide provides services to help a person get a better understanding of his/her money.

Our network of certified counselors helps people with their domestic finances. A Countrywide counselor can work with a financial wellness plan member on a workable budget. The counselor analyses income and expenses, determining where improvements are possible

Plan members will discover, much to their delight, that there are ways out of most financial problems. The information our counselors share can convince them there’s light at the end of the tunnel and drastic measures such as bankruptcy or foreclosure filings will not be needed.

The Best Financial Wellness Advice

Recent college graduates don’t fully know the ins and outs of managing their debt. Countrywide counselors do, and they advise on how to best deal with payments. There are some programs that a financial wellness plan member might qualify for and the counselor will point those out.

A plan member benefits immediately from the advice. A better understanding of the budget with more efficient spending habits result from the sessions with the counselor. Options that were unknown before become familiar. A prime member becomes more financially conscious and aware of his or her resources. Countrywide counselors advise and educate; they will not lecture. Everyone gets the Countrywide standard of respect and courtesy.

We permit our clients the right to choose those options best suited to their workforce. It could mean that instead of help with medical bills the client ops for online education programs for buying houses. That is fine with us and we do not force any option on a client. Our commitment is to provide the very best service to all plan members. We appreciate the fact that so many of our clients are satisfied with what we do, and we will continue to do our very best.

We are all going to have a certain amount of debt and that is not avoidable. Frankly, some debts such as mortgage loans are good and some credit card debt will help credit ratings. Nevertheless, too much debt can be a problem and it does not have to be that way. Countrywide offers solutions to make any debt sustainable.

Each of our options is there to help. We would like to be able to explain in detail each one of our services and answer any questions you might have. Please feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience.