Protect Financial Wellness with Medical Powers of Attorney


Protect Financial Wellness with Medical Powers of Attorney

The Right Decisions Are Made by the Right Person


Achieving financial wellness is more than investing in stocks and bonds. It also means making sure there are no obstacles to financial assets, including a person’s estate. Medical powers of attorney might not seem like an essential group legal plan benefit, but it is. It prevents an emergency from becoming a disaster.

Dealing with a Crisis

Unconscious people cannot make their wishes known. A medical accident may leave a person unconscious and not able to convey his or her wishes. This is a problem because healthcare providers are required to do everything necessary to keep a person alive regardless of whether the patient can give instructions. The efforts of any hospital may go contrary to what the person wants to accept as medical treatment.  It means that various procedures are employed which the patient may not want to have. This could increase costs, no matter how good the intentions. Medical powers of attorney allow anyone to designate who will make decisions about the necessary healthcare.

This is where the medical powers of attorney help. An individual can have appointed someone whom he or she trusts to make the right choices. It could be as simple as telling healthcare providers not to do certain procedures in accordance with personal religious beliefs. There are certain treatments which a patient may consider not to be cost-efficient. The person designated to have medical powers of attorney may instruct healthcare providers not to use those procedures.

It also can be used in a situation where a patient is on life support for an extended period. The overall bill can be astronomical, especially when life support operation spans over a calendar year. In the new year the deductible requirement starts again, adding to the debt of the family. The person designated as having the medical powers of attorney can decide whether to turn off the machinery.

Not all group legal plans will offer this assistance, but Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services does. We make use of a nationwide network of attorneys. These professionals can draft a medical powers of attorney document that is airtight.

Promoting Peace of Mind

It requires a group legal plan member to designate someone to have the authority to make decisions, which places the responsibility on the shoulders of the person designated to make the choices and takes a burden off the minds of others involved.

Medical powers of attorney guarantee that an individual’s wishes are honored. Anxiety is reduced in family members who are not troubled with having to make what can be very difficult decisions. The health provider receives firm guidance on what to do and it decreases liability. All parties benefit to a degree.

Medical powers of attorney are often combined with a living will to clarify a plan member’s wishes and expectations further. Countrywide offers living wills as one of our group legal plan benefits. There are other options as well, but we do not force them on any client. We permit choice.

Clients Decide the Benefits

Selection is very important to Countrywide. We believe that organizations know what their employees need. Consequently, we allow the decision-makers to decide what pre-paid legal services benefits will be in the final document. We are going to explain each benefit in detail and demonstrate how each one will benefit workers. Nevertheless, at the closing of the day it is what the client decides which will be in their pre-paid legal services program. We furnish the world class service that is a part of the Countrywide brand.

Medical emergencies can happen unexpectedly and create a state of confusion. Medical powers of attorney are the instruments used to bring order out of chaos and fulfill the wishes of a group legal plan member. We know that decision-makers may have questions about this benefit in addition to the other ones Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services provides. We encourage interested parties to contact us as soon as possible. We want to explain the options we provide that will bring peace of mind to all of clients’ employees.