The Advantages of a Simple Will Protecting Your Heirs

stockfresh_5472698_hand-signing-last-will-and-testament-document_sizeS-300x200It should be on every person’s bucket list, but a will is ordinarily the last thing considered. It is a tough assignment because it causes people to recognize their mortality. Nevertheless, a will is a document that has its advantages.

It is a principle of financial planning that experts strongly recommend to everyone, regardless of age. Young people, especially those with small children, should look at what they will do to protect minors. Older people have better control over how their final estate is divided. The benefits cannot be denied.

  • Someone is placed in charge. The will requires an executor to be appointed. That individual has the authority to make sure that a person’s last wishes are respected when handing out pieces of the estate.
  • Probate woes are minimized. If you think snails are slow, look at courts to operate if there is no will involved. The final distribution of an estate is delayed by months and sometimes even years.
  • Your children are protected. It is better to assign guardians in the will that have a court determine who will watch over your loved ones.
  • The power of disinheritance. A will can expressly state who is not going to be a beneficiary.
  • Eliminate legal challenges. There are challenges to the distribution of an estate’s assets; make no mistake about it. A will is a binding document that minimizes challenges.
  • Gifts and donations can be included. An individual can decide what favorite charity or institution of higher learning receives something from the estate.

Group legal plans often provide for the drafting of simple wills. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services offer this benefit with a few added attractions.

Experts and Not Templates

Our group legal plan emphasizes establishing a relationship with an attorney. Countrywide has a national network of lawyers, and there is one practicing in every community where we have a client organization. A Countrywide group legal plan member has priority status, and a conference can easily be set up.

Respect is part of the pre-paid legal services. Our attorneys know how difficult it is for a person to work on a simple will, and all our legal help show a high level  of empathy and courtesy. A group legal plan member is encouraged to speak openly, and the attorney will listen carefully.

Working with the Client

We have provided pre-paid legal services for organizations of all kinds for over 30 years. However, the experience does not mean we know everything about a prospective client’s workforce. Therefore, we ask management to assist us in designing the best plan possible for their employees.

We explain all our benefit options to the decision-makers of a prospective client. We expect questions, and we encourage them. Those executives will then decide what benefit options will be included in the final plan document. We include those, and Countrywide will administer the benefit and provide more services.


Special Benefits

We include various other services within a group legal plan; one of these is expressly intended for the simple will option. We sent annual reminders to people who have had a will drafted by Countrywide. That way, an individual can update the will to reflect changes in the estate or the beneficiaries. It prevents problems that may arise if circumstances have changed, but the will has not.

A simple will is not a complicated document. It is no more than six pages long, which is what most people need when deciding estate distribution. Nevertheless, this is an essential document every person needs to have. If you want to know more about our pre-paid legal services and how we assist our plan members, please get in touch with us at your convenience. We believe we have something your employees will appreciate.