The Need for the Will

The Last Testament Protects the Estate


The American public got used to the concept of healthcare exchanges during the debate over health insurance these past few years. Employers are now also attuned the idea of private exchanges, where employees may purchase the coverages they will most often use. That gives these exchanges an incentive to put in legal benefits that are readily usable by any plan member. Exchanges, however, need to be aware of the type of benefits in any group legal plan that is offered on their exchange. A very important one is preparation of wills.

A Cornerstone Benefit

Drafting of wills is the most popular option of any group legal services plan. This is what people are most interested in whenever legal services are discussed. It takes a great deal of worry off their minds, knowing that a solid last will and testament will be prepared. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services provides preparation of wills in the Personal Legal Protector Plan. This allows a member to have access to skilled attorney. Although some people may wonder why there is a need for such service given online will preparation, there is a substantial difference. the online documents are boilerplate. They do not take into consideration the special conditions of an individual. Effective group legal services provide a personalized will. That is what our attorneys will develop.

Personalized Service for All Plan Members

A simple will drafted for a Countrywide group legal plan member provides a clear division of assets to those who have legitimate right to them. The drafted document will also indicate exactly who the executor is, and any directions that will be given to this person. Another difference between our services and those of an online company are the updates. Circumstances change always. It is possible that a beneficiary may die before the plan member. Our group legal services include an annual update reminder sent to the individual. If there’s any need to make a revision, the update is free of charge. That is a considerable benefit, given the fact that other attorneys will charge a sizable fee for the updates.

Countrywide service goes far beyond just legal expertise. We have some of the best attorneys in our network, but these people have more than just solid legal knowledge. We also select our lawyers based on their customer service skills. Countrywide expects every plan member to be treated with dignity and respect. Our lawyers understand this, and they mix empathy with legal terminology in providing substantial group legal services. A plan member has the right to call the attorney on a given matter as many times as necessary. If a face-to-face consultation is in order, that will be done. Drafting a will is recognition of mortality. Many become nervous at the thought and our attorneys gently guide plan members through the process. Our commitment to the individual is a quality of the Countrywide group legal plan for which we are most proud.

A Very Good Option

Private exchanges know that in the coming years their business will grow dramatically. The demand for benefits is going to make a very competitive field, and healthcare exchanges and other insurance exchanges must provide sterling benefits. Countrywide has been developing group legal plan benefits since 1987. We can design a plan to suit the needs of a given exchange client. We also see to it that administration is uncomplicated, and that all services are delivered quickly. Preparation of wills is only one of the benefit options we make available.

We encourage private exchanges to getting contact with us so that we can go into greater detail about all that we have to offer. Contact us today to request a proposal.

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