Dealing with the Courts

Small Claims Court Assistance Can Quickly Resolve Disputes

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When employers are looking at private exchanges and the array of benefits possible for their employees, they are looking for the best. They want to be able to have options that a person can really use in time of emergency. It is a fact of life that the legal system touches everyone at one time or another. Small claims court is the place where many issues are resolved. This can be a very nerve-racking experience for individual who is not familiar with the processes of the court system. It is why group legal services that include assistance with small court claims cases can be so valuable.

The Nuance of the Bar

The legal system has its own process and procedure. Evidence is submitted in a certain way and has to be properly organized. Small claims courts have rules that include limits on the amount for which a person can be sued, and other stipulations that governing eviction cases. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services offers a group legal plan that can help with small claims cases. The Personal Legal Protector Plan provides a plan member with access to reputable legal counsel. The value to an individual cannot be underestimated. Countrywide attorneys who offer group legal plan services provide the kind of advice and individual needs to navigate the channels and trails of small claims court. These professionals can warn of potential problems that may surface and offer suggestions on how to best present the case before the bench.

Additional Services Can End The Dispute

Not every difference needs to be settled by a judge. Countrywide group legal plan provides the additional services needed to put an end to the problem. The attorney can make telephone calls and write correspondence on behalf of the plan member as part of the group legal services. Using well-honed negotiating skills, the same attorney can show both parties where compromise is possible. The result can be a resolution of the disagreement before going to court. In the event that a judgment has been handed down, the attorney provides additional help. This legal professional can advise the plan member on how to file paperwork needed to secure the judgment amount from the defendant. This may include garnishments and liens.

Our group legal services include a sympathetic ear. The lawyers who work with us are known for their customer service skills. We allow for unlimited phone calls to the attorney on a given situation. In any conversation with a plan member the attorney will show patience and respect. No matter who the individual is, a member of a Countrywide group legal plan is treated with respect. His or her individual problem is shown the seriousness it merits.

We have a commitment to providing excellent service. Countrywide has designed group legal services plans since 1987 for all types of organizations. We can provide superior help to any client of an insurance exchange. We are flexible enough to tailor the plan to the needs of the individual organization. In other words, we do not deal in boilerplate documents at all. Furthermore, we made our plan administration simple so that services can be delivered quickly. No one who is enrolled in one of our plans will be forced to endure unnecessary wait or delays. It is all part of our full commitment to providing the very best service.

A Countrywide plan will add considerable value to any offerings of an insurance exchange. We have other options that can provide needed assistance, and these can be part of a group plan or a stand-alone benefit. We welcome the opportunity to speak with any interested party or decision-maker about our services. We encourage inquiries and we welcome all questions.

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