The Full Package

A top level group legal plan should be comprehensive


Employee benefits administration are now undergoing some major changes. Companies want to be able to give their hard-working employees choices that provide meaningful coverage employees will use. Insurance exchanges have been around for quite some time, and they are now more and more appealing to employers. It is essential that they offer the best type of benefits for consideration. A group legal plan need to be comprehensive and provide full service.

It Is More Than Just The Individual Assistance Options

All group legal services plans are going to have some type of support for plan members. Duties such as writing contracts, drafting wills, and offering advice are either part of the benefit or no one pays attention to it. A comprehensive benefit that offers a full range of group legal services must include certain extra details. This means assistance such as unlimited phone calls to the attorney, being able to access legal help when on vacation hundreds of miles from home, and having correspondence written by an attorney on the half of the plan member. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services knows from years of experience how the little things actually do mean quite a bit. The Personal Legal Protector Plan offered by Countrywide permits a plan member to call attorney as may times as necessary on a given situation. It means that questions that pop up in the middle of the night can be answered the following morning quickly. The Countrywide network is nationwide. Someone who is caught in a legal problem far from home does not have to worry; there is a Countrywide lawyer close by to help.

The Best Kind of Advice

The qualities of a benefit can make an insurance exchange looked fantastic. The group legal services plans of Countrywide offer the kind of advice a person needs to get out of a serious problem. Small claims court cases can tie up an employee’s time. Countrywide lawyers will advise on how best to handle such situations. These attorneys go the extra mile by helping prepare any evidence that will be presented. Professional expertise is there to help any Countrywide plan member. Our attorneys are chosen specifically for their expertise in a given area. A recent law school graduate will definitely not be the person assigned to a plan member. It is the experience and inner knowledge that Countrywide affiliated attorneys have that gives our group legal services that little extra shine.

The Right Kind of Service

Plan members have a right to be treated well and top level insurance exchanges insist on it. Countrywide is proud of the fact that when it comes to customer service we provide the very best in the industry. Our attorneys understand that every member of a Countrywide group legal plan have a right to be treated as more than just a case file. We expect all of our attorneys to develop a helping relationship with every plan member who contacts them. This expectation of high standards has resulted in many favorable comments from both decision-makers and individual plan members. Those who have sought our help are made to feel like they are the only client the attorney has. We realize that if we had the privilege of being part of any insurance exchange, our customer service must be the very best.

We have experience in providing superior customer service. We have created group legal plan designs since 1987, and we’ve done it for all types of organizations. An insurance exchange can be assured that no matter the size or type of organization, we will develop the best legal services plan for their clients. We also offer very easy to administer benefits that will not require exhaustive forms to be completed. All of our benefit options are intended to be everything a person needs when it comes to legal assistance.

We would like to be able to explain all of our group legal plan options in greater detail, and we encourage interested parties to contact us.