Assistance at a Distance is a Great Benefit

Legal Referral Networks Solve Issues out of Town


Insurance exchanges want to see to it that clients get the best possible offerings of benefit protection. When it comes to group legal services there has to be a little bit extra. Drafting wills is important but before being offered to a wide variety of clients the benefit plans have to include something valuable. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services takes an extra step in providing quality. The Countrywide legal referral network, which is part of the Personal Legal Protector Plan, is one example.
Legal Risks Surface at a Distance

A person may be on a vacation or a personal trip that is hundreds of miles away from the corporate office. For whatever reasons, legal difficulties can arise. These may simply be misunderstandings but unscrupulous people can capitalize on an outsider. Anyone who is a stranger in a community is at a disadvantage. This person does not know the territory or what the customs and legal proceedings are. He or she can be placed at the mercy of a local individual, who believes that excessive concessions can be demanded. The victim status will melt like April snow if the person at risk belongs to a group legal plan that has a legal referral network feature.

Legal Referral Networks Level the Playing Field
Countrywide maintains a nationwide network of professional attorneys throughout the United States. Any member of a Countrywide group legal plan can call on the referral service to get in contact with a local attorney. The legal professional knows the community and also knows how to get problems resolved quickly. Just as with any other Countrywide lawyer who is part of our group legal services, this person can provide expert legal advice and also written communications. Anyone who is trying to exploit a Countrywide legal benefit plan member may think twice when they receive a letter from the attorney. The correspondence itself may resolve all the difficulties because it announces local representation. Should the matter go to small claims court, a local attorney will provide the same type of assistance anyone could expect from Countrywide. Highly complicated matters may require special attorneys and that is no problem, either. Countrywide will provide discounted rate of 25% of scheduled and hourly rates and a 10% discount for contingency fee cases. This is available regardless of how far away from home the plan member may be.

Highly Efficient Service Anywhere
An insurance exchange can be assured that the best customer service possible is given to a Countrywide group legal plan member. This means attention to detail and a sympathetic ear. Anyone involved in a legal matter far away from home is nervous. The lawyer in the Countrywide referral network understands this, and is patient. Anyone who receives a benefit from any of the Countrywide group legal services plans will be treated like a next-door neighbor. The administration of Countrywide benefits is deliberately made as easy as possible so that getting the necessary tension happens almost immediately. There is no complicated stack of paperwork or forms to complete.

The referral network is a little extra that Countrywide is noted for providing. We have designed group legal plans and other legal benefits since 1987, and we’ve done this for all types of organizations. A diverse clientele of an insurance exchange will receive superior service that is tailored to the needs of a particular organization. We take great pride in being very flexible with any of our group legal services plans. An insurance exchange wants to be able to provide a wide selection of great benefit options for clients. We do appreciate that and we do not have just one or two benefit options that can be offered.

We have a number of legal possibilities that a decision-maker might wish to consider, and we encourage the opportunity to explain our benefits to any interested party. Please contact us today!