The Risks of Impulsive Buying This Bad Habit Can Be Controlled

sad-dollar-300x129Research has shown a person has problems whenever impulsive buying becomes a habit. These unplanned purchases can generate as much as 40 percent additional expenses. In addition, social media has encouraged the desire to buy things that are not necessary.


Social media is convenient; there is no question about that. Transactions are easier when the consumer already has credit card information posted in an account tied to the sales platform. There are some drawbacks. 


People do not always look for third-party reviews on Yelp or other consumer-related websites. In addition, refund and exchange policies are not always considered and, sadly, some of the stuff bought is not as good as it looked on the screen.


Nevertheless, social media seduces people into impulsive buying, and that can be a problem if it is not kept under control. Financial wellness is something that everybody needs to keep in mind but is easy to forget when shopping on Amazon or eBay. As a result, people can run into some problems with their finances.


Maturity Is Needed


Younger employees are especially vulnerable to the urge to spend online. They need a little maturity to prevent paying more than they can afford. There are some straightforward rules.


1. Limit your time on social media platforms.


2. Stop and consider why you are making a purchase and if it is essential.


3. Create a budget and follow it.


4. Shop sensibly. It means checking several sources to see if the same product is available elsewhere at a lower price.


5. Use coupons or check for special deals before you go shopping.


These are all common-sense rules, but common sense is not always used for shopping. Moreover, impulsive buyers do not always know how to control the urge to splurge. Financial wellness is a discipline that sometimes needs a coach. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services appreciates the importance of providing seasoned guidance to people doing shopping expeditions on the Internet. We have a financial wellness plan that can help.




Counselors Are There to Assist


Sometimes the best idea is to ask a professional what to do before shopping. Countrywide has a nationwide network of certified counselors who are experts on common financial issues. They are the type of people who provide objective advice to allow people to manage their spending better.


Budgets always help, and a Countrywide counselor will do a budget analysis to examine the cash flow of a financial wellness plan member. That information permits the counselor to make some helpful suggestions on how to shop online. Some of the ideas are notions that an ordinary person never heard of before. The pieces of advice given are always sensible.


Working with the Client


We have other services that plan members can use to safeguard their financial wellness. These include managing college loan debt, dealing with medical bills, and even guidance on buying that first home. Everything we offer is there to benefit employees.


We want to provide a plan that everyone in an organization can use. Therefore, we ask the decision-makers of prospective clients to give us some insights. We will explain all our financial wellness services to the prospective client, and we will answer all the questions. Management will then decide what benefits will be part of their plan. We will provide the administration and superior member services that make a Countrywide benefit one of the best.


We are coming upon graduation season, and some holidays can stimulate shopping excursions. What we offer can help employees do a better job of managing their money and buying those lovely presents at the same time. If you are interested in what we can do, please feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience. We would welcome an opportunity to explain all we will do for your organization.