The Services of Communication

stockfresh_7251761_consultant-showing-document-to-couple_sizeS-300x200The quality of an employee benefits rests on several things. Excellent member services are crucial. Plan members must feel they can receive the help they need without begging. Moreover, the providers must have the tools to deliver one step beyond the ordinary. Group legal plans rely on being able to communicate with plan members and use various means of communicating to gather essential information.


Proximity and Face-to-Face


The best service communication is in a face-to-face meeting. People have difficulty using website Q&A pages to get the point across regarding their needs. When it is possible to have a direct discussion with an attorney, a group legal plan member has a better opportunity of explaining the problem they need to fix.


Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services encourages these conferences between an attorney and a plan member. We have a nationwide network of lawyers who are ready to provide needed help. There is one in the community of every Countrywide client, and their employees have priority standing with any Countrywide lawyer. The meetings are simple to arrange.


Gathering Needed Material


This means more than just evidence to support a consumer protection claim. A person’s issue may need guidance on approaching a government official for help. It is not always easy for a group legal plan member to secure the correct data.


Our attorneys are given the tools necessary to collect material that improves service. For example, a Countrywide lawyer may write letters on behalf of a plan member and make telephone calls for that person. The lawyer knows what information is needed and how to phrase the question. As a result, it happens many times that delays are shortened when the other party is aware that there is an attorney involved in the matter.


Plan members using our pre-paid legal services might have other questions after a meeting and hesitate to contact the attorney. They are concerned that any telephone call would result in a fee being charged. That is not something they have to worry about when Countrywide is involved. A group legal plan member may telephone the Countrywide lawyer and ask as many questions as necessary on a given subject. That individual is not charged for the telephone call by the attorney. When an attorney’s time costs are calculated, the benefit of that simple service is substantial.


Superior Emotional Intelligence 


The ability to empathize and listen is not always a skill that an attorney has. These legal professionals are well-versed in the law, but some of them are prone to lecture and condescend. It makes it hard for a person to explain their problem. Therefore, Countrywide recruits attorneys for our group legal plan on more than just legal knowledge.


We value emotional intelligence. A lawyer wishing to be part of our network must be able to demonstrate excellent listening skills and the ability to empathize with a plan member’s dilemma. An attorney who does not show patience and concern will not be working with us.


Communication Includes the Client 


Countrywide works with a client from the point of initial contact. We explain our pre-paid legal services benefit to prospective clients and ask their management to select those they would like to see in their plan. The selections are part of the final document. What goes without writing is the rapport that we foster with that client. 


We respond immediately to any requests and Countrywide maintains high levels of transparency. We encourage a sense of trust in what we can do for employees. A client discovers quickly that Countrywide is not some distant voice over the phone or email.


We have some of the best pre-paid legal services in the industry. We welcome any opportunity to explain how we can serve your hard-working staff. We invite you to contact us at your earliest convenience and ask all the questions you want. We will gladly answer each one.