The Value of a Living Will It Ends Estate Disputes

stockfresh_6387113_gavel-and-stethoscope-on-table_sizeS-300x200A living will is not the same as the last will, although it is sensible to any financial planning. Living wills are the directives you provide to family and healthcare providers should you become unresponsive. The contents of this document mold critical health care decisions, and care needs to be used in preparing one.

Terms and Conditions

A stroke or another form of accident can render someone unresponsive. That is a bad situation to be in because the individual’s needs and wishes cannot be fully honored. There are specific procedures that an individual might not want to have because of religious beliefs. Healthcare providers will follow ordinary practices if they have no instruction; otherwise.

It is not just your wishes that are protected by the living will. Family members are sometimes left in a quandary when one of their loved ones is rendered unresponsive. Nobody knows what to do and quarrels erupt over what needs to be done. A living will be very exact. It will tell everybody what the wishes are of the patient.

The living will can also instruct what medical procedures are to be performed if the person is unconscious. This can include instructions on when all life support systems are to be turned off. That by itself can be a very emotional dilemma for a family member. Someone who has a living will removes a terrible burden.

Countrywide Serves the Plan Members

Group legal plans should offer this essential service and have experienced attorneys who will do the legal work. For example, Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services offer writing living wills as an option in our group legal plan benefit.

We rely on a national network of lawyers to assist our plan members. Our legal professionals respond to common legal challenges a plan member might face, and there is one in every community where there is a Countrywide client.

A solid living will must contain specific language and comply with state law. Our attorneys work with living wills all the time. These legal experts listen carefully to what a plan member wants before actually preparing the document. The lawyer might make a few suggestions on what the plan member wants will be in the final living will.

Medical powers of attorney designate an individual to make decisions on behalf of the group legal plan member. It is an essential piece of paper, and the countrywide attorney will draft it in addition to the living will.

Clients Have a Voice

Our relationship with a client starts early in the process. Decision-makers in organizations know what their employees need. We ask these executives to review all our pre-paid legal services options. They can ask all the questions they want and decide what services are going to be in their organization’s group legal plan. Those selections will be part of the client’s group legal plan. We will handle all administrative duties and member services.

Healthcare providers greatly appreciate all of this. The pre-paid legal services benefit of a living will relieve them of making decisions, and they are better able to fulfill a patient’s wishes. The family is also relieved of the responsibilities of making choices that their loved one may or may not want. Many problems and hurt feelings are resolved because of this piece of paper.

If you are interested in what Countrywide can do for your employees, please feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience. We would like to explain our pre-paid legal services to you. We will answer any questions you might have. We are ready to be of service and we look forward to talking with you.